Saturday, June 27, 2009

Viva All Motor

Hi guys.
Nothing much on today post but i just wanna share my current engine bay. My all motor 4g93 engine.

click for better view

Btw, during the overhaul process i asked my mechanic to change my worn hidraulic lifter. Now no more irritating noice especially when i start my car in the morning. Most of 4g9x user got this problem =P

Hmmm ... what's next to mod? a new 4-1 race header ? silicone hoses? oil cooler? stright cut gearbox ? Haha. Still thinkin'. Stay tune readers.

p/s: MJ @ mikaeel , RIP.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Proton Satria Neo Super 2000

Proton Satria Neo Super 2000. In the hands of Irish driver Niall McShea, the Proton caused quite a stir on the first WRC event earlier this year, Rally Ireland, when it stormed into a podium position on day one, ahead of a full field of WRC machinery. Click play button to view the video of the pocket rocket which is build by MEM workshop =)

Car Specifications:

+Can be configured for right-hand or left-hand drive
+Front bumper designed to maximize aerodynamics and cooling
+Small frontal area
+Modified front and rear wings to maximize width
+Lightweight rear spoiler for minimum drag
+Lightweight FIA-approved Chrome Moly roll cage space frame chassis
+Four-cylinder MEM-Proton 2000cc S2000 engine
+Forged pistons
+Lightweight steel con-rods
+Billet steel crankshaft
+Lightweight steel flywheel
+Integrated data-logging and color dashboard display
+Xtrac 532 4WD Super 2000 transmission
+6-speed sequential gearbox with engine cut on up-shift
+Limited slip differential
+Front diff: plated mechanical, externally adjustable
+Center diff: spool
+Rear diff: plated mechanical, externally adjustable
+Hydraulic handbrake with auto-release system for rear differential
+Bespoke WRC-style lightweight driveshafts all round
+Tubular fabricated front and rear crossmembers
+Front: lower wishbone and MacPherson strut
+Rear: lower wishbone and MacPherson strut
+MEM-Dynamics dampers all round
+Anti-rollbars front and rear, optional sizes available
+One-piece alloy hubs, interchangeable front to rear
+Front: Alcon 4-piston forged calipers, 350mm vented discs, (tarmac)
+Front: Alcon 4-piston forged calipers, 300mm vented discs, (gravel)
+Rear: Alcon 4-piston forged calipers, 300mm vented discs, (common)
+MEM pedal box assy, adjustable for driver position
+Hydraulic power-assisted rack and pinion
+Adjustable steering column reach and height
+Quick-release steering wheel
+GEMS Multiplex wiring and power management system, including auto-power reset
+Central multi-function key pad control and integrated data-logging
+Information by color TV screen dashboard display
+72-liter AFS FT3 safety fuel cell with quick-change fuel control cassette
+FIA Staubli dry-break fill and vent connections
+18”x8” alloy for tarmac
+15”x6.5” alloy for gravel
+Length 3905mm
+Width 1800mm
+Height 1300mm
+Wheelbase 2440mm
+Front track 1543mm
+Rear track 1543mm
+Weight 1150kg (tarmac), 1200kg (gravel)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Took my car just now from my panel workshop. I'm very happy since i can drive again after waiting for about 1 month plus =p. All i need to do now is to exercise my left foot more since the racing clutch is damn stiff! LOL . But nevermind, i like it that way =p. By the way , this are some of the pix of my car during the last day at the workshop.

This is still not the end of the modifications. When you stepped on a journey to find horsepower, you will never return.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Overhaulin' Finale

Hi guys.

After a long wait , my car finished overhauling. The engine started up last sunday and thank god there was no problem or what so ever. Today ( tuesday ) my mechanic sent my car for camshaft timing with dial gauge to properly set my piston TDC and valve opening and closing. Other than that they weld my air-conditioning condenser since there's some leaking at the condenser. They also change my left and right engine mounting to solid mitsubishi evolution because my current mounting worn out , badly =p

I also test drive it and then hand it back to my mechanic since i would like them to re-fiber my broken bumper. But all i can say after the test drive is that my car is totally different than before. The engine respond is instant, the engine sound is meaner, the clutch is stiffer and gripper, and the car vibrate like hell because of the evo's engine mounts =P but nevermind ; already get used to this kind of vibration, because i'm using high duration camshaft so vibration all over =p . Can ask much right? If u wanna drive fast then you have to sacrifice comfort. Equivalent exchange!

Maybe tomorrow ( hopefully ) i will take the car and take care good car of it for about 1000km or maybe more ? LOL. Engine running-in period. Then will start whacking it again =p

need sleep. kthxbye =)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Stig Is Actually Michael Schumacher ?

I'm very shocked when i heard about the news of 'The Stig is revealed as Micheal Shumacher' in the first episode of Top Gear Season 13. Last time (early this year), the professional driver , Ben Collins was regarded as the most likely the man behind the racing helmet. I still think that The Stig identity is still unclear and maybe it was just a stunt from Top Gear?

The real Stig? too good to be true huh =p

By the way congrats to Micheal Schumacher who is currently The Stig for breaking the records of Top Gear's power lap times with the Ferrari FXX ( Racing version of Enzo & generate 860 hp). I really love the car BUT, eventhough it cost million of pounds , none of the 30 peoples who bought one have ever take delivery , meaning you buy this car and Ferrari will keep it at the factory =p. By the way they will take the car at the race track and let you ( who bought it ) borrow your own car for the day and then after that they will take it away again . That's funny =p

Ferrari FXX

p/s: Top Gear Season 13 first episode. Pls watch it. Nice episode.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Overhaulin Part 6

Hi guys.

Last thursday i went to my panel workshop too see the engine progress. Most of the parts such as b16 pistons, b16 conrods, crankshaft etc have been fitted inside the 4g93 engine block.

Now the only tasks which are left are to transfer the engine to the engine bay and then do some tuning and troubleshooting. All of us are very eager to see what the outcomes gonna be =P

Most probably my car will be on the road again 2 0r 3 days more if there is no problem =)


Monday, June 15, 2009


Jeremy Clarkson races Richard Hammond and James May
400 miles across Japan in the new Nissan GTR.
Who will win the race?

Another great video from Top Gear.
It amazed me. Love the car!
Btw , some info for you guys,
The GTR is powered by
3.8L Bi-turbo V6 engine and producing 470 hp and 434 ft-lb of torque!
0-100km/h in just 3.5 seconds!
Hell yeah!

p/s:GTR is another name of godzilla.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Overhaulin' Part 5

Hi guys!

In the last post, i've covered some info about engine balancing and guess what? All my parts such as pistons , connecting rods , racing clutch , crankshaft , crank pulley , flywheel etc already finished balance from the machine shop! Yippie-ya-yey ! Now, the only task left is just installing it inside the engine. Here are some of the balanced parts pix.

I'm very satisfied and i really can't wait for this project to finish! Hopefully everything goes well =)
Will be on the road again!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Engine Balancing

A lot of my friends ask me what is engine balancing and why we must do it. Eventhough my ass is damn lazy to get off from the bed but at last i managed to write something about the topic=p .Hahaha. Btw, i really hope that in today's post, i can share something that i know and from research that i made, you the readers will get some idea about it.

FYI, Engine balancing is important especially when we wanna build performance engines for the street, strip or circle track because this can ensure the engine smoothness, durability and maximum horsepower. It is also verrrryyy important in high revving engine since the force of any imbalance multiplies with speed. FYI, as u read my earlier post , i'm in progress to build a high revving 4g93 engine =)

In my overhaulin' project, i asked my mechanic to lighten some of the weight from the crankshaft. After lightening the crank, the crankshaft is of course out of balance and the uneven distribution of weight can generate centripetal forces that shake the engine with increasing intensity as engine rpm goes up.The greater the imbalance and the further it is from the center of the crankshaft, the more the engine shakes and hammers the main bearings and crank. Over time, this can lead to metal fatigue and cracks that may cause the bearings to fail or the crank to break. So in order to prevent this , i asked my mechanics to send the crank for balancing.

Other than that i also asked my mechanics to sent all of the parts such as pistons, connecting rods, racing clutch cover etc. The weights may be fairly even. Even so, it’s always a good idea to check the weights, and to equalize the weights as needed. After that all the weights of the reciprocating parts after measured ( piston , rods etc) , then have to be balanced to the counterweights on the crankshaft.

That's all guys. I hope it can give you some of the idea of "engine balancing". So for those who thinking to upgrade such as lightweight crankshaft or oversized pistons to prepare some of your budget for engine balancing. I know that some might think that this is not really necessary but can you take your 5 minutes of time and try to imagine this ; What happen if you dont balance your rims after you change to new tires? It will vibrate like hell right? So do the engine =)


Monday, June 8, 2009

Ken Block. The Gymkhana Guru!

After the success of his first Gymkhana practise video and after a series of teasers, Ken Block has released Gymkhana 2: The Informercial. The driving is up to par with the original but this time has more to do with his DC Shoes brand and features a variety of different shoes and apparels under the DC brand. The car is awesome, and it is a great video and it will keep you on your toes with a lot of shocking moments. Enjoy the vids!

Gymkhana 1

Gymkhana 2 : The Informercial

How cool is that? Isn't he amazing?

p/s: kakoyee! imprezza FTW!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Do you think they will stop?

Watch posted video below and you will know how it feels especially if you were them. My heart aches. Do you?

Pfftt .. Thank god in my country the cops doesn't practice this kind of method to teach the street racers . lolx.
Btw, from my opinion, i really think that this is not the correct way to teach them. Don't get me wrong readers . I'm not supporting illegal race but i just think that this method is not appropriate and it will just make the racers hold grudge towards the cops and the state government and for sure in the future, they will commit the same crimes or mistakes.

From this post , I really hope that all the street racers out there put an end to this negative acts since it will just bring more negative than positive effects . If you really wanna race then go find a suitable place such as circuit or join any legal motorsport events. There, you can let go all your desires for speed without bring any harm to other peoples around you.


p/s: they can crush my car ... but not my memories

Friday, June 5, 2009

Iphone .. more than just a phone!

Who said Iphone is a rock? haha. I'm quite shock when i discovered an application that can be used in Iphone to estimate the engine horsepower. Amazing! The application is called "Dynolicious". Ths application uses the Iphone's built in accelerometer to measure:
  • 0-100km/h acceleration
  • Quarter mile elapsed time
  • Lateral G's
  • Braking G's
  • Wheel horsepower ( estimated )
  • Engine horsepower ( estimated )

FYI, The application has been track-tested at major dragstrip against regulation timing equipment and has demonstrated accuracy comparable to standalone performance meters which cost hundred of dollars =p

Price : $12.99 ( RM 46 +/-)
Requirements : Compatible with Iphone and Ipod Touch ( OS 2.2 or later )

p/s: btw , u still need the Iphone to use this app =p

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Check it out.
Funny pix that i got from the net.
Freaking funny. Look at the guy behind the GT girl =p



p/s: hehehe .. gotcha!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Improve Handling


If you think that car is made of metal and not subject to flex, you are totally wrong. Actually as you twist the car during touges and track etc , it will flex and this is not good! So in today's post, i wanna share with you another example to improve car handling.

Other than good tires, rims, suspension and also your skill =p we can also fit "Strut Braces" to the car to improve handling. Example of strut braces :
  1. Front and rear strut bar
  2. Rear anti roll bar
  3. Side bar
  4. Front lower arm bar
  5. Room bar
  6. Fender bar
As for me, i already equipped my car with front and also rear strut bar. It help during hard corner and keep me in balance during spirited driving. In the future i might as well upgrade my car handling by fitting all of this bar to the car chassis! haha!

my front strut bar. sorry i don't have pix of my rear strut bar =(

There a lot of brand to choose from such as Cusco,Tien,UltraRacing etc. Choose whatever suit you and your budget.


Sepang 1000km

KL Tower Racing team is one of the team that already ready for the upcoming Sepang 1000km endurance race. They will be racing their 1800cc Proton Satria in Class 1 ( 1650cc - 1900cc ). The car is tuned and prepared by Velocity Sport Management and Motorsport Asia. Btw pictures are courtesy of zerotohundred™

The Car

The Engine 4g93!

The Interior

The race should be tough but i do hope that this team will show what they can do and All The Best to them!

p/s: gambatte!


Is this thing can yield some horsepower? some said yes but some said it it just for cosmetics. As for me when i change my muffler from s-flow type to straight flow (free flow) type, i can feel a lot of improvements. Btw when i make a research from the net, i found a dyno graph which can be a proof for my statement =)
*credit to Heri for the dyno graph!

The dyno graph is taken from a new friend of mine from Brunei.
Name: Heri
Car: Toyota Vios ( 2008 )
Engine: 1 Nz-FE

Well, I don't know whether is there any increment (horsepower) for my engine since i haven't dyno my car =p but all i can say that ( from butt dyno =p ) straight flow exhaust is really a good upgrade for MANUAL car. If you are driving car with AUTO transmission, s-flow type is the best for you since you really need to keep some back-pressure.

just my 2 cents.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Redbull Chickas Ready for Sepang 1000 km!

Don't think women can't race =P. This is one of the team that will be competing in the Sepang 1000 km endurance race. The girls will be competing in Class 1 (1650cc-1900cc) and Class 2 ( up to 1600cc) for Team Redbull with their Honda Integra DC2 machines. Btw i'm looking forward to see Leona Chin the drift queen in action again!


Cam Timing

Hi guys!

Nowadays, there's a lot of engine freakazoid equip their engine with adjustable camshaft pulley. They get the pulley and then send them for installation and set the pulley. From my experience, i can see that a lot of workshop set the camshaft pulley without using the right tool which is 'the cam timing kit' tools. As for me, i think that the method are not really accurate and they (mechanics) can't fully utilize the tuning power of the pulley. I didn't say that the setting without the tools is not good but it can be dangerous if set it wrongly and furthermore I'm very shock and angry if they charge us the same price like they are using the cam timing tools for setting. WTF?

The camshaft Timing Tools

just for viewing pleasure & this is not an ads!

Kit includes camshaft & crankshaft positioning tool, camshaft holding tool, secondary chain tensioner tool etc. Other than that we also need a degree wheel/ dial gauge or whatever you call it =p

The Degree Wheel of fortune?

We need to attach it to the crankshaft snout. With this we can identify the TDC or 'top dead center' and then the tuning process can begin. The next step is err? hmm. I think the real mechanic can help me to elaborate for you =p. I can just give you the rough idea of it =p. lolx.

The Camshaft Timing

I hope for those who wanna get your camshaft pulley tuned, better go for this method to avoid any misalignment, resulting in piston to valve damage! But if you still insist and don't wanna use this kind of method then find trusted and really good mechanic to get your pulley set.

That's all folks!

p/s: i will get my cam timing done with this method. for sure!