Sunday, August 21, 2011

Intake Upgrade : Skunk2 Intake Manifold

Hi guys!
For the past 3 months, I've been very busy with my work and i cant spend much time to write. Really sorry for that. In today post, i would like to share my intake project. I've been looking and collecting  parts for this past 3 months and yes, it did took a lot of my time since i need to make some research before proceeding with the project. I want this project to be like what i wanted. Thank god, i managed to gather stuff that i wanted. Pictures of the process below :

For this project,  i also decided to upgrade my fuel rail with a high flow fuel rail which is made by aluminium. Other than just properly supply the additional fuel needed for high performance applications and durability, this fuel rail brings out the bling factor ... of course :P

At first i would like to buy a new set of the intake but then i changed my mind. Luckily, i managed to find someone who wanted to sell off his engine, so after a lot of negotiations, i managed to ask him to sell his modded intake to me. For your information, the intake is made by Skunk2. It is designed for B Series application. So, in order to use this intake, there are some of the modification that is needed before it can fit perfectly. The previous owner use cut & weld method which means he cut the MIVEC intake flange and then weld it with the Skunk2 intake. This method will gives better flow and direct fit with MIVEC cylinder head. The intake has been sprayed with black VTEC rough structure.

For this project also, i decided to use thermal intake gasket. Thermal intake gasket acts as a barrier stopping heat transferring from the engine block through into the inlet manifold. Stopping this heat transfer results in a cooler inlet charge temperature and in doing so increases engine power. It has been proven so i think it is worth to try :)

Took out the standard intake manifold 

MIVEC intake manifold ... the design is much different from Skunk2. Skunk2 is designed to give better high RPM power and that is what i am targeting for...

Testing out the 4 throttle setup. Haha. Still under R&D 

Voila! The complete process! 

does look much better :) 

After a lot of test drive, i am very positive that this Skunk2 intake manifold gives much better feeling if compared to MIVEC intake manifold. No kidding. But i dont have proof to show to you for now. I will be on dyno machine again since this upgrade needs tuning to make it performs much better. Hopefully i will hit my target. We'll see.....