Monday, June 21, 2010

The Human Robot

Hi guys!
I've been a fan of robots since i was a kid. When i was still a kid, i think that robots are bad and dangerous invention because one day, they will try to conquer us and take over the world, meaning, the end of mankind =p. That's actually what movies in the old days portray 'Robot'. In the era of technology, like what we live in right now, Robot are more than that. It can help us in every aspect of life for example, in automobile industry and medical. Haha. enough with the lecture. In today's post i would like to share with you a story about the human robot ; Asimo.

Asimo with his lady?

I've seen this 'guy' in Kuala Lumpur International Motorsport last 2-3 years , if i can remember correctly. quite amazed with this stuff and how i appreciate the hardworks that the honda engineers had put to make this thing come alive. Kudos!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exedy Racing Clutch

Hi guys!
Sorry for the delay. Don't really have the time to write since got lot of stuffs that i need to take care of this week. Btw, in today's post, i would like to write a bit about the clutch like i promised last time. Some pictures below.

when the color is red.... you know what it means

the boxes, the cover & the plate. kitty is sold separately :)

Since last time i already use racing clutch ( custom ones ) .. i can compare a bit about the clutch. I can say that the pedal is not as hard to press like my stupid custom clutch. Feel better but not as as soft as OEM clutch. Don't get the wrong idea guys =p. If compare to OEM clutch, this one i can say a little bit firmer than the OEM clutch. Since I chose the 3 pucks design, it feel like the car judder a bit during takeoff from standstill ; that's the characteristic of a racing clutch .. so what to do =p. About the grip, I can say that it does grip like hell. No more slipping between gear changes! A must upgrade for those who already increase more than +/- 40% from standard engine power. That's all for now. Arigatou gozaimashata for reading.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dude! I Burned The Clutch!

Hi guys.
Yesterday, i burned my 4 pucks custom clutch. At first i thought the engine overheated or whatsoever but luckily after i checked the engine bay, i realized that the smokes actually came out from the gearbox. Then i knew...." i burned the damn clutch". Hmmm.. I think the money spent to build the custom clutch is not worth it at all. So, if you wanna buy custom clutch as a cheaper option, i think you better think twice because this refurbished clutch is not reliable at all. Maybe some are reliable but most of the time, it is just waiting time to be replaced =p.

So, today i bought a new Exedy ( Japan ) 3 Pucks Racing clutch. The kit comes together with the racing clutch cover which is 8.5" in size. I haven't take the picture but i promise i will post it in the next post. I'll install the clutch by tomorrow and i will give my review about the clutch.

See you guys in the next post!

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