Monday, June 21, 2010

The Human Robot

Hi guys!
I've been a fan of robots since i was a kid. When i was still a kid, i think that robots are bad and dangerous invention because one day, they will try to conquer us and take over the world, meaning, the end of mankind =p. That's actually what movies in the old days portray 'Robot'. In the era of technology, like what we live in right now, Robot are more than that. It can help us in every aspect of life for example, in automobile industry and medical. Haha. enough with the lecture. In today's post i would like to share with you a story about the human robot ; Asimo.

Asimo with his lady?

I've seen this 'guy' in Kuala Lumpur International Motorsport last 2-3 years , if i can remember correctly. quite amazed with this stuff and how i appreciate the hardworks that the honda engineers had put to make this thing come alive. Kudos!

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