Friday, July 29, 2011

What Hybrid Is Truly About

I would like to share a quote which i think can educates us on hybrid technology:

Talk to anyone about hybrids today and you will end up in a discussion about fuel economy. While one of the key advantage of hybrid implementations today is good fuel economy, strictly speaking hybrids are actually about efficiency rather than just only outright fuel economy. Hybrids are about an improved, more advanced use of petrol/gasoline for transportation. It's about extracting the most energy possible out of the combustion of an amount of petrol/gasoline, and about the recycling of energy, which in normal cars, are simply 'wasted away' as heat during portions of our daily driving cycle. An understanding of the true concept of a hybrid implementation is critical for a full appreciation of their merits - Wong KN (Temple of VTEC Asia)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Born To Race. R U ?

This is the movie that i've been waiting for!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Intake :Think Out Of The Box

Hi guys.
Sorry for the lacks of update. I'm quite busy nowadays so it is very hard for me to find time to write something. I still remember lot of 4G9X  Naturally aspirated engine user especially MIVEC always complaining that performance parts for the engine is not that much if compare to VTEC and yes.. it is true.

What i admire about the 4G9X engine user is their spirit to build the engine to be as fast as VTEC so they keep on doing research and develop custom parts for their engine and i think it is very good for the motorsport scenes.

In my country, which is Malaysia, most of the 4G9X tuner here think that one of the performance part that is lack of variety in the market for the engine is intake manifold. So, they find ways on how to upgrade it with the parts which is readily available for the market. I think they are quite creative indeed :)

Below some of the picture of 4G9X series engine using aftermarket parts which originally made for Honda and Toyota :)

 MIVEC with B-series Skunk2 Intake

 MIVEC with H-series Skunk2 Intake

4G93 with Edelbrock Performer X Intake 

MIVEC with Edelbrock Victor X Intake 

MIVEC with 4AGE Toyota ITB Intake

Creativity is the key point of this post. I think you can already guess what my next upgrade is *hint. See you in the next post :)