Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mini 4WD Race

Hi guys.
Just simple update on this blog. Some Videos of Mini 4WD race.

aint fast enough for you? watch below =p

For more info about this mini 4WD car, please go to this websites.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

My 'Race Machine'

Hi guys!

As promised! In this post i would like to share with you my other ' race machine ' =p. Picture below.

My Mini 4WD

Actually i already kept this machine aka mini 4WD in my store room for about 7-8 years. I can still remember anime that aired during our childhood which is Dash Yankuro. Still remember? During that time i was one of the kid who really addicted to the anime and really wanted to become the 'next mini 4WD racer'. LOL.

I can still remember last time. What i want to achieve is to have the fastest engine from others. I can say that I've spent a lot during that time but i don't regret that =) What the most important this is i can learn about engine , handling , DIY and whatsoever.

Nowadays, I can see that this mini 4WD is very different in design. Not like last time. The body is wider and the design is a bit peculiar. Haha. Maybe, that's just me. After doing some research on it and consult one of my brother's friend , which is very pioneer with this mini 4WD machine said that today's race is not just about horsepower. It's all about handling. What's the point of having a fast machine but in the middle, the machine jump off from the circuit.

By the way, according to my brother's friend, my machine can classified as 'super car' in today's race since the power generated from the motor is high and from the design of the body. But he also said that if i want to compete in today's race, i have to buy a new shell since today's rules & regulation don't approve this kind of shell. Don't know why. Hmmm. Maybe i'll try to consult other mini 4WD racers to confirm this matter.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Message

Hi guys.

Not much update on my car. Other than that, I'm quite busy nowadays, so i didn't really have the time to write anything. LOL. Btw, I just wanna express how happy i am to see 4g93 modification scene in my country is keep on progressing. One of the reason why must be because of the performance parts for 4g93 now is easier to get. Not like before. Most of the performance parts only available for mivec and b-series engines. Now, we can choose which one that we prefer. Either to get an imported branded ones or maybe just local made performance parts. The most important things are we buy something within our budget and the parts are worth it to buy. Don't go for cheap product but in the end, you will suffer more loss. I hope you guys know what i mean.

Currently my mechanic is still working on his new project which is 4g93 with ITBs. All the best with the project. If I have some of free time to see the progress in the workshop, i will post some of the pictures to this blog.

Oh, before i forget, in the next post (possibly) i will post my project in reviving my old racing machine. Stay tuned!

I'm akatsuki, and i approved this message.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Steps On How To Change Engine Oil

Hi guys!

With just 10 simple steps by these french maids , you can now change your engine oil on your own at home.

p/s: hehe

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tomei Camshaft

Hi guys!

Another good news to 4g93 user. Tomei Motor Co. has just released its new product which is high performance camshaft for 4g91, 4g92 DOHC non-MIVEC and 4g93. Now we have more choices of camshaft other than RPW, Kelford, JUN , Matspeed or Powerzone.

Specs offered :

4G93 NA

-308deg lift 11.1
-316deg lift 11.1

4G93T CD5A Turbo

-270deg lift 11.1
-280deg lift 11.1
-290deg lift 11.1

p/s: my next upgrade.. perhaps.