Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Message

Hi guys.

Not much update on my car. Other than that, I'm quite busy nowadays, so i didn't really have the time to write anything. LOL. Btw, I just wanna express how happy i am to see 4g93 modification scene in my country is keep on progressing. One of the reason why must be because of the performance parts for 4g93 now is easier to get. Not like before. Most of the performance parts only available for mivec and b-series engines. Now, we can choose which one that we prefer. Either to get an imported branded ones or maybe just local made performance parts. The most important things are we buy something within our budget and the parts are worth it to buy. Don't go for cheap product but in the end, you will suffer more loss. I hope you guys know what i mean.

Currently my mechanic is still working on his new project which is 4g93 with ITBs. All the best with the project. If I have some of free time to see the progress in the workshop, i will post some of the pictures to this blog.

Oh, before i forget, in the next post (possibly) i will post my project in reviving my old racing machine. Stay tuned!

I'm akatsuki, and i approved this message.