Monday, November 2, 2009

Tomei Camshaft

Hi guys!

Another good news to 4g93 user. Tomei Motor Co. has just released its new product which is high performance camshaft for 4g91, 4g92 DOHC non-MIVEC and 4g93. Now we have more choices of camshaft other than RPW, Kelford, JUN , Matspeed or Powerzone.

Specs offered :

4G93 NA

-308deg lift 11.1
-316deg lift 11.1

4G93T CD5A Turbo

-270deg lift 11.1
-280deg lift 11.1
-290deg lift 11.1

p/s: my next upgrade.. perhaps.


  1. Wonder what the diff is between these and the Jun ones?