Saturday, December 25, 2010

Secret Weapon : Raceland Exhaust Electric Cut Out

Hi guys.

Here is some update. Actually last month i ordered 'Exhaust Electric Cut Out' which produce by Raceland. I asked my friend to get it shipped from US to Malaysia last month and it arrived yesterday. Below are some pictures of the electric cut out.

inside the box

wiring and remote control

hero of the story, the electric cut out, complete with piping :)

catalogue... for future reference :P

Woke up early today to fix this exhaust cut out. yeah. thank god the exhaust shop that i always visit doesn't close today, yeah on christmas :P if not then i have to go another day which i think i might be busy...

this is how to install it

need to do some adjustment to the piping since the exhaust cut out is quite big...

sorry i forgot to take the picture when the welding job finished. too busy looking at other performance parts in the shop :P

some video taken from youtube if you guys still dont get how this thing works :)

and below is my video. Sorry for the lousy video quality. Just using camera phone.

Can you guys spot the difference in sound? yeah. These are some of the benefits - this cut out enables us to bypass the muffler hence increasing horsepower and giving car an extremely throaty rumble. Since you all know that i'm using s-flow type muffler so, my high end power is quite suffocated. After i installed this cut out, my high end power is improving a lot since there is no more restriction in the flow but the low end power i can say drop a bit. The good thing using this cut out is, i can choose wether to use my standard setup or free flow setup. Cool isnt it? I think i wont have any issue with the authority since i can now have the ability to control the sound of my exhaust :)


p/s: this 'weapon' is very effective in drag race :P

Friday, December 10, 2010

Carbon Fiber MIVEC Plug Cover

Hi guys.

Nothing much actually. Today, the stuff which i really want for so long arrived. At last i can have a real carbon fiber plug cover for my engine.

I've measured the OEM plug cover and it weighted 400g. This carbon fiber plug cover is 100g lesser from the OEM which is 300g. Just a bit only :P but after all i'm sooo effing happy to have this stuff. Such candy to the eyes.

Still waiting for my 'other stuff' from US. i really can't wait!

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

KLIMS 2010. My Shots

Hi guys.

I just went back from Kuala Lumpur International Motorsport 2010. Here are some of the pictures that i managed to take. Sorry for the lousy pictures quality :P

Perodua Bezza

the godzilla.....

proton's concept car - Tuah

this proton cost a million... Super S2000

another proton's concept car - Lekir

Proton Emas

Lotus Espirit

Hyundai's concept car

Orgasm... Chevy Camaro aka Bumblebee

the 'Batmobile' from the Darknight

this one .. i forgot the name :P

Brabus.... rich man's toy

Rolls Royce.... Phantom in da house

Lambo.... one of my fav ride

Bond 007 car

Ferrari 458 Italia... this is the first time i saw it. such a beauty.

belle in french means beautiful.....

at last! the AE-86 successor. FT-86 but hybrid model - FT HS

i wanna slap that beauty ass!

The CRZ! Awesomeeee!

the rear

Honda's new Hybrid model... The Insight

the rear looks identical to the CRZ

How it works....

the exterior

and... i got a chance to see Julie
Hoon. my fav Vj, model, actress :)

ain't she the sweetest?? Trololol

ok ok... i get it. this is the last pix of her. haha :P

I spent almost 5 hours in the exhibitions. Actually there are lot more car models in the exhibition but i could just upload some of it. Btw, I really can wait to for the next KLIMS. Yes. I had fun :)

See you guys in the next post.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Proton At KLIMS 2010

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010 - 3 to 12 of December 2010. Proton unveils some of it new , upcoming and prototype model to the world. Here are some of the pictures that i gathered from the net.

Proton Satria Neo s2000

The drivers - Alister McRae & Chris Atkinson

Proton Tuah

Malaysia's first hybrid car.. collaboration with Italdesign & Lotus

Proton EMAS

Proton Inspira ( rebadged from Mitsubishi Lancer GT)

The all new facelift SAGA

Proton Saga EV - Electric Vehicle

Proton Lekir

Pride of Proton - R3 division lineups

Proton Satria Neo R3

AP Racing 4 ... hell yeah!

1.6L Turbocharged producing 200 hp and 250 nm of torque...

Proton Saga R3

Ticket Prices -

Adults - MYR18 (weekdays) & MYR23 (weekends)
Children ( below 12 years old) MYR8