Saturday, December 25, 2010

Secret Weapon : Raceland Exhaust Electric Cut Out

Hi guys.

Here is some update. Actually last month i ordered 'Exhaust Electric Cut Out' which produce by Raceland. I asked my friend to get it shipped from US to Malaysia last month and it arrived yesterday. Below are some pictures of the electric cut out.

inside the box

wiring and remote control

hero of the story, the electric cut out, complete with piping :)

catalogue... for future reference :P

Woke up early today to fix this exhaust cut out. yeah. thank god the exhaust shop that i always visit doesn't close today, yeah on christmas :P if not then i have to go another day which i think i might be busy...

this is how to install it

need to do some adjustment to the piping since the exhaust cut out is quite big...

sorry i forgot to take the picture when the welding job finished. too busy looking at other performance parts in the shop :P

some video taken from youtube if you guys still dont get how this thing works :)

and below is my video. Sorry for the lousy video quality. Just using camera phone.

Can you guys spot the difference in sound? yeah. These are some of the benefits - this cut out enables us to bypass the muffler hence increasing horsepower and giving car an extremely throaty rumble. Since you all know that i'm using s-flow type muffler so, my high end power is quite suffocated. After i installed this cut out, my high end power is improving a lot since there is no more restriction in the flow but the low end power i can say drop a bit. The good thing using this cut out is, i can choose wether to use my standard setup or free flow setup. Cool isnt it? I think i wont have any issue with the authority since i can now have the ability to control the sound of my exhaust :)


p/s: this 'weapon' is very effective in drag race :P


  1. there goes your "lepas ni aku dah taknak main kete dah"

    pfftttt =.=

  2. actually... i was just kidding at that time. LOL

    p/s: once u stepped on the journey to find horsepower, you will never return..... haha!

  3. LOL, anyway bro.. clever device but if u do that wouldn't it sacrifice your top speed, big time as you will loose all the back pressure from the muffler and not forget to mention, the effect to you engine over time?

  4. nice ! i think i should get 1 of these la..hmm..

  5. @pain- one of the benefit to use this cut-out is i can now have the ability to switch between normal setup or free flow setup. if let say my top speed reduces because lack of back pressure, i can just close it back using the remote control :)

    i will only switch it on during hard driving, not all the time. hehe.

    @wan- bro u should consider to use it. worth every penny spent.

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  7. thx bro venugopal! really appreciate your comment :)

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  9. how much was the cost of the item bro??

  10. hello is the exhaust cutout now ? still workin as normal ?

  11. hi zhun!

    yup it still working perfectly :)

  12. Hi bro, do you know where I can get this device locally?do you get any clog on the valve?

  13. hi ajai. i dont know where since i asked my friend in the States to get it from me.