Monday, January 17, 2011

Proton Satria Neo by Cusco

Cusco, the company which based in Japan and already well known with car tuner all over the world with their performance parts. I bet all of you guys have seen most of their race car such as Lan EVO, Sti, GTR and so on. This company has been involved in a lot of motorsport disciplines and of them is rally.

The world have seen a lot of potential with Proton's designed car and Cusco also one of the company other than MEM which able to see the potential. So, for this time, Cusco has chosen the Proton Satria Neo as the model that they are going to sell and to be used in Junior Rally Championship in Japan and Asia Pacific.

Cusco will buy the bodyshell and then equipped it with all Cusco performance parts to FIA Group N Spec. Aterall, this is a very good news to all Proton enthusiasts. Kudos to Proton Motorsport! The world has now accept and appreciate our local product. So, what about us, Malaysian?



  1. i reli kind of regret letting go my neo huhuh now theres alot of parts and stuff for neo

  2. Yup. Now got a lot of performance parts for neo. It shows that neo has been accepted by most of car tuners all over the world.