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HI GUYS! Sorry for the late reply.  I already answered most of the questions. You can check it on my formspring :)

  1. askmrakatsuki i use 4g92blok n head already convert to twin cam 4g93 head n all in up stair...i really like ur resepi is use d b16a piston and crank shaft n rod(if wrong plz told))the question is what kind modification if wna put in 2 my blok 4g93?

    yups. im using vtec piston and the connecting rods. not using the crankshaft btw.

    if your budget is tight u can maintain your current rods and using high compression piston from MIVEC. it is very good in long stroke block 93. greater compression can yield more power.
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    bro what adjustable will u recommend me ha ha satria mivec 1.8 ^^ GAB , D2, or ??? do tell me the PROs and Cons ty

    for me, i think the best local absorbers are HWL, GAB and Titan. you can go for this brands if you are going for local stuff.

    if wanna go for imported parts, i think most of the imported parts such as Tein, D2 or HKS etc are very well known in suspension tuning. you can never go wrong with it.

    pros using adjustable - greater and solid cornering.
    cons using adjustable - the ride becomes harsh. not as comfy as oem absorber.

    just my 2 cents.
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    Bro.. how much u buy NRG Quick Tilt?

    MYR280 :)
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    Hi bro ! Im French and i have a Colt GTI that i use during trackdays. My engine is stock : just 4-2-1 header and 2.25" inox exhaust. I want to prepare it but my first problem is the management of the engine. What ECU are you using to manage your 4G93 ?

    comment cava.

    last time when i used non mivec 93, i used std 93 ecu with custom chip. all setting have been modified to suit my modifications and etc.

    for mild modded 93, i suggest you to go for piggyback ecu such as greedy e-manage, afc neo.

    if you have a lot of budget, you can straight away go for standalne ecu such as haltech, microtech etc.
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    bro, i have a question. i'm using v twin engine with carb. pretty old skool huh? thinkin of modding the carb to injection system. any ideas on this?

    i guess it is motorbike engine right? hmm. not very familiar with motorbike engine :)

    sorry cant help you on this.
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    bro,wta where did you buy ralliart reservoir tank cover?

    i bought from my mechanic workshop. they sell this stuffs :)
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    Hi there, just wanted to ask what CR now your engine has (why B16 pistons)? And maybe you have thought about 4G93 GDI piston putting in 4G93 DOHC or Mivec OR maybe you have about similar mod ? Thanks, Regards from Lithuania Raimundas

    hi bro. i'm really sorry. i havent check the compression. but last time on 93non mivec head, i managed to get 19 bar of compression in each cylinder. thx for asking.
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    hi bro. actually it is quite subjective. every setup has their own pros and cons. but actually i prefer to use skunk2 intake and oversized throttle body. it is because the tuning part wont be as hard as tuning the 4 throttle aka ITBs. ITBs is the ultimate intake setup for NA engine but the tuning is very hard. Wrong setting then you can lose power instead of gain power. So, ITB need more than just the adapter and the 4 throttle unit. u must also have good management system :)

    hope this help.
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    bro can share ur modding experience? ahha and what intake u using? i saw u using honda radiator bro? betteR? hmm currently now i m using stock 4g91 and 4g93intake + injectors.. need some help here.

    currenly i'm using std mivec intake and throttle body. last time i used honda intake and super90 70mm throttle body for my 93 non mivec setup. all i can say that, the honda and oversize tb is very good and produce good high end power. but bare in mind that my car last time was on highcams and port polish cylind head. i dont know whether it will gives better performance if ur engine is still stock.

    btw, for your 91, i would recommend to do some simple mods first such as, plugs, plug cables, mivec tb, adjustable campulley, lighten crankpulley, 4-2-1 header and 2 inch piping, it will gives better performance for your 91.
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    do u hav any preformance part to let go?ur hot bits?

    currently .. nope. i sold it already.
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    thx bro 4 advise :) actually im hunt for motul g/b oil but hard to find ;( yes i got my exedy 8.5inch 3 puck and agreed wif u its perform well on snday night :))

    oic. motul is a very well known brand. i think u can never go wrong with it.
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    fyi im using 4g93 n/a and 1.5 g/b.sumtime use very hard on saturaday hope can share ur engne and g/box oil recipe :)

    hi bro. i'm using 91 gb as well. i'm using castrol gb oil. i forgot which series. got two series. one for lsd and the other one without lsd. i'm using the one without lsd.

    i suggest u to use exedy racing clutch. not to hard to press but very good in transferring power to the wheel. good for sunday night drive if u know what i mean =p
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    sifu wat gearbox and engine oil u use?

    currently still using 4g91 gb. engine oil? penzoil semi synthetic.
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    i hav wira aerobak with mit. 4g93manual na..but it rev very slow.wat prob?just changed timing belt to see my car ECU?the actual code for 4g93 na is?can swap to satria gti's ECU?what engin oil u suggest?i from kl,wat price and place for it?tq~!

    i cant answer your fast question. rev very slow? hmm. i think you need to check with your mechanic. there are lot of reason for this to happen :)

    the ecu is located under the dashboard, on the passenger side. very hard to see actually. need extra effort.

    if i'm not mistaken, the ecu code for 4g93 mmc are 2468,0450 and 6123. correct me if i'm wrong.

    i would recommend semi synthetic. if you got budget then fully synthetic is the way to go. brand? depends on you :)

    hope this help. thx for asking bro.
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    wats ur car hp on wheel?

    i havent dyno it yet. i'll update after i go to dyno. thx for asking bro!
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    where people/readers can ask you question?

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    your blog address

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    what name that you prefer people to call in this blog?

    just call me akatsuki
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    What kind of music can you just not stand to listen to?

    nagging sound
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    If you could have the starring role in one movie what would it be?

    the transporter