Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Set Of Wheels

Hello Guys!

Just a little bit of update. I am a die hard fan of TE37 wheels.... so i changed my sport wheels from Volk Racing CE28N 15x8jj to Volk Racing TE37 15x8jj :P

in progress...... 



close up...... 

my favorite rubbers... Yokohama Parada Spec-2

Since tomorrow all Moslem will celebrating Eidul Fitr, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Moslem all around the world Happy Eidul Fitr. See you guys in the next post.


Monday, July 22, 2013

HWL Fully Adjustable Suspension With Body Shift.

Hello Guys!

Good day to you. Its been a while right? by the way, i have upgraded my suspension from GAB sport suspension to HWL fully adjustable suspension (Hi/Lo & Soft/Hard + Body Shift).

The packaging..... 

unboxing.... yummyyyyyyy :P 

fully adjustable.....  


The spring rate that i choose is 6k on the front and 4k on the back. For me the spring rate is suitable for both hard driving and daily driving. After the installation, i can straight away feel the ride becomes more rigid and the driving feel is sooooooo much better. Other than that, the ride also feel a little bit bumpy since the spring rate is much higher than the stock suspension. 

I think i need to make some adjustment on rear camber ( negative camber) since i set the car lower to the ground (better center gravity which can translate to better handling). I need to do the adjustment because i'm using 8jj wheels (wide). Sometimes the tires will rub the fender during hard corner. 


Pros : better handling, freedom of adjustment to suit your handling characteristic, serviceable, can swap to higher spring rate if you want anytime, cosmetic purposes. 

Cons: a little bit bumpy since the spring rate is higher. 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cusco 'style' 4-2-1 header

Hi guys!

Yesterday, i have changed my header from R3 4-1 header to Cusco style 4-2-1 header. I decided to change the header because my R3 header cracked. I decided to change to 4-2-1 header because i want to try new setup for my mivec. The header also have better ground clearance if compared to my 4-1 header.

the downpipe.... sorry the upper part picture of the header lost.... but i think most of u guys know how the cusco 4-2-1 header look like right? :P 

turn golden in color after few hours of driving . yummy

side view.

After all, I am quite happy with the power delivery especially from low end to mid. Still don't have time to tune it on the dyno machine. Hope can get much better horsepower then last time which i already happy :P 
Sorry.. the figure i need to keep it for myself :) 


Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 2013 Engine Setup

Hi guys!

Its been a looooooonnnggg time since last update. By the way, I've just change my small aluminium radiator to big 3 layers full aluminium radiator.

Next i might change to new header because the current 4-1 R3 header got crack inside. Still thinking which header setup should i go for. Whether to stick with 4-1 setup or 4-2-1 Cusco or maybe 4-2-1 Hytech design........ Any recommendation guys?