Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 2013 Engine Setup

Hi guys!

Its been a looooooonnnggg time since last update. By the way, I've just change my small aluminium radiator to big 3 layers full aluminium radiator.

Next i might change to new header because the current 4-1 R3 header got crack inside. Still thinking which header setup should i go for. Whether to stick with 4-1 setup or 4-2-1 Cusco or maybe 4-2-1 Hytech design........ Any recommendation guys?



  1. Cusco replica shud be enuff bro. but hytech design also good. i heard story on lah.. hehe.. but just for ur info, turbo s design and hytech copycat is different. hytech tri y is longer than turbo s.. means hytech better in performance wise i guess.. nway, gd luck bro..

  2. thx a lot bro for the feedback. after much consideration, i might go for 4-2-1 cusco header for new setup.