Monday, February 28, 2011

4g93 Mivec Turbo in Action

Such an awesome videos. This ride is Proton Satria powered by 4g93 + MIVEC cylinder head + turbo. Wanna see how it performs? enjoy the vids guys!

some pictures... to satisfy your curiosity about this build up ;)


+ 4G93 engine block
+ 4G92 MIVEC cylinder head
+ CP forged pistons
+ Crower H Section Rod
+ HKS 3037S Turbo
+ HKS F-Con V Pro
+ HKS EVC IV boost controller (1.7bar)
+ Yokohama Slick tires 195/50R15 A048

one word : AWESOME

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let The Pictures Do The Talking

feel free to visit and follow this link.

to satisfy your hunger for stuff related to car :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Racecraft Carbon Fiber Vented Hood

Hi guys!

I am a fan of carbon fiber product. So, last 3 days, i decided to replace my front hood with carbon fiber hood which made by Racecraft. The quality is superb and other than that, i love the design. Pictures below :)

the design of the carbon fiber hood

the vents

the ride looks meaner!

Apart from improving the cosmetics look of a car, carbon fiber hood also reduces overall weight of a car. It reduces weight on the front wheels and this can improve balance of the vehicle when driving. It is because the front wheels are the wheels which we steer the car with. It means that when there is heavy load on them, the ability to steer will compromise. Reducing the load on the front wheel will enhance the ability to steer. Cool huh?

Other than that, carbon fiber are actually strong and durable eventhough when you hold it, you will feel or think that this stuff is fragile or not strong, which is not true at all :P
Besides that, carbon fiber can withstands heat better than metals. Since I chose the hood with vents, air flow from outside will help to keep the engine cool. A cooler engine is much more efficient isn’t it?


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Super90 Oversized Throttle Body Upgrade

Hi guys.

Yesterday i just changed my standard throttle body to super90 oversized throttle body for my MIVEC. The size is 70mm, which is 10mm more than the standard throttle body. I made up my mind to go for super90 throttle body because of its quality. Other than that, i've already tested it on my previous 4g93 non MIVEC setup and all i can say it is worth the price.

Some of the pictures during the throttle body installation....

the superhero - super90 billet throttle body

need to take out the intake and then port and match it with the size of the new throttle body which is 70mm. This process is very important ; if the intake is not port and match then you wont feel any increments from this throttle body upgrade.

the installation was quite plug and play. i think i took more pictures of the process but i dont know where all of them gone!


After that, my mechanic checked the air fuel ratio by innovate wideband kit. This is very important because we can know the air fuel mixture. If it is too lean then it will be dangerous for the engine and if it too rich it will reduce the engine performance and the engine will become fuel guzzler. So, with this kit, my mechanic tuned the engine to the correct air fuel mixture.

The outcomes? YES! the throttle body upgrade and tuning do wonders. I can really feel the increments. I'm so happy since once again the money that i spent is worth it after all. So, i would like to recommend this upgrade for those who already planned to upgrade the throttle body. BUT, i would like to stress that bigger doesn't necessarily means better. Consult your mechanic first whether the throttle body upgrade is suitable for your engine setup :)


Friday, February 4, 2011

Duratech Oversized Valves For 4g93/T

Hi guys.
New stuff by Duratech! The company just launch new product which is oversized (1mm) forged valve springs for 4g93. So it means that it can also use by 4g91 ,4g92 and 4g93T . I'm not really sure if it can also use in MIVEC but i think it is not plug and play. Pictures below.

The advertise price in the market is MYR 1000 for all 16 pieces intake and exhaust valve.For more info you guys can contact Full Throttle Zone Racing. Credits to them for the pictures.