Sunday, February 20, 2011

Racecraft Carbon Fiber Vented Hood

Hi guys!

I am a fan of carbon fiber product. So, last 3 days, i decided to replace my front hood with carbon fiber hood which made by Racecraft. The quality is superb and other than that, i love the design. Pictures below :)

the design of the carbon fiber hood

the vents

the ride looks meaner!

Apart from improving the cosmetics look of a car, carbon fiber hood also reduces overall weight of a car. It reduces weight on the front wheels and this can improve balance of the vehicle when driving. It is because the front wheels are the wheels which we steer the car with. It means that when there is heavy load on them, the ability to steer will compromise. Reducing the load on the front wheel will enhance the ability to steer. Cool huh?

Other than that, carbon fiber are actually strong and durable eventhough when you hold it, you will feel or think that this stuff is fragile or not strong, which is not true at all :P
Besides that, carbon fiber can withstands heat better than metals. Since I chose the hood with vents, air flow from outside will help to keep the engine cool. A cooler engine is much more efficient isn’t it?



  1. how much bro ??
    and where u order it ?

  2. MYR1+++ :)

    you can contact racecraft for more details. thx guys!

  3. nice...looks good...i am intending to add vents on mine too as under bonnet temp touches to 60deg C during hot days and when stuck in traffic jams...

  4. thx bro mugil. i also think the same. you surely need the vents to lower down the temp. go for it bro!

  5. great hood its the weight?? 10kg+ ?

  6. i didnt measure the carbon fiber hood because i wasnt there during the installation but i can say that this carbon fiber hood is damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn light if compared to standard metal hood :P

  7. I found newest collection of Honda civic body kits Online. Nice car..... carbon fiber hood.