Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Intake Setup

Hi guys!

For the last 2 months, i have been thinking of changing my intake setup.After a bit of research and guidance from my mechanic, i choose to go for Mugen air-box setup which is originally made for Honda's engine.

Haven't dyno the engine so i can't share with you guys any increments (perhaps :p) figure.

So far.... i'm happy with the setup 😁

And yeah, i also relocate my battery at the back in order to give a bit more space in the bay for the intake setup. My engine bay look quite neat after the battery relocation.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Engine Rebuild. Completed.

Hi Guys!

I took my car today from the garage. Finally the project is completed.

By the way, i still remember that last engine rebuild/overhaul was done back in May 2009. During 2009, my project was quite crazy..  using VTEC parts etc. Yeah, I'm quite crazy at that time. Wanna try new things. HEHE.

For 2014, no more crazy project like last time. Using back all 4G93 and MIVEC parts. Bought back 4G93 connecting rods and crankshaft ( because i sold my rods and crank to a person from oversea back in 2010 TT ). Change my VTEC 81mm piston to MIVEC 82mm over-sized high compression piston. Other parts can be seen from my previous post...

My 1.9L MIVEC (1881cc)

By the way, this is my valve cover/rocker cover. Look quite nice with the wrinkle effect right? :p HEHE

spray with Gox7 wrinkle spray.....

A closer view of the texture............

All i can say, i am very happy with the new setup. After breaking in the engine ( using dyno machine to break-in the engine... thanks to the technology :p), My mechanic did dyno tuning to the engine. Seriously i am very happy to see the horsepower gains (secret :p). The response is astonishing!


My 2014 Engine Specification:

4G92 MIVEC Cylinder Head (skimmed).
4G93 Engine Block (Bore to fit over-sized piston)
Toto 82mm MIVEC Pistons
ACL Race Bearings
Matspeed Camshaft
Arospeed Camshaft Pulley
NGK Power Cables
NGK Iridium Plugs
Skunk 2 Intake Manifold
Super 90 70mm Throttle Body
Cusco 4-2-1 Header
Works Engineering Adjustable Fuel Regulator
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
HKS Aluminium Radiator
Samco Hoses

Thanks for reading guys! Next modification? Well See you in the next post :P


Friday, May 30, 2014

Engine Rebuild. Work In Progress: Part 2

Hi guys.

The overhauling project is almost done. Below are some of the pictures that i managed to capture and share with you readers!

When i went to the garage, the engine is already inside the engine bay... as you can see above.

bring me back to life!!! :P 

And yeah. Upgrade my fuel pump to aftermarket fuel pump from Walbro. Why? because it is time to change my stock fuel pump with a better one. Other than that, the Walbro fuel pump has a higher flow rate than my current pump. It is capable of providing additional fuel to the injectors when necessary, preventing fuel under-run.

Walbro 255 lph in-tank fuel pump.....

Since my valve cover looks soooo bad (as you can see from the first two pictures above).. i asked my mechanic to help me to respray back the rocker cover. I really love the wrinkle effect which can be seen in most of Honda Vtec valve cover, so i search on the internet and i managed to get the spray can that i was looking for. 

Gox7 Winkle Blue color + Gox7 Primer/Undercoat. 

Stay tuned for more!!!


Friday, May 23, 2014

Engine Rebuild. Work In Progress : Part 1

Hi Guys!

Just wanna share with you guys some update on my engine rebuilding :)

All necessary parts for the engine block:

ACL Race Engine Bearing this time for main & rod, ACL Thrust Washer and  RIK piston rings. 

As mentioned in the previous post, i want to change my engine setup from using P30 VTEC piston to 82mm oversized MIVEC piston.

bye bye p30 piston......

high compression TOTO piston ( 82mm in size (stock piston size is 81mm). No budget for WISECO/CP piston ( T T )

Dont want to expose my timing belt this time. Lesson Learnt. HAHA. 

HKS transparent timing belt cover.

Since i was working during the internal parts installation, i did not managed to snap pictures of the process. 

Below are some picture of the installation process:

4g93 connecting rods (last time using P30 VTEC connecting rods) , crankshaft and pistons are all inside the rebored engine block.......

look at the piston dome...yeah....high compression setup. yummyyyy :P 

bottom part. almost done. 


engine block. 

AGAIN.. i was working during cylinder head rebuilding process.... SO these are the only pictures that i can share (T T)

change all the necessary parts for the cylinder head (new timing belt, seals, grind valve etc)

so fresh so clean....

The work is still in progress. Stay tuned for more readers!!! 


Friday, May 9, 2014

Timing Belt..... SNAPPED!

Hi Guys! 

Never thought this thing could happened :( 

Painful moment..... 

Towed my car to my panel workshop for inspection. There are several damages. Need to rebuild the engine back.

Dismantling the cylinder head....

Do you know what does it mean? yes... it is time for new engine setup. For this new setup, after discussing with my mechanic, i made up my mind to go for oversize MIVEC piston (82 mm) and using back 4g93 connecting rods. No more VTEC piston and connecting rods this time :P

I am very sure that this setup will increase my horsepower since using oversize high compression piston. We will see how it goes.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dynotech by Dyno Dynamics

Hi Guys.

Did some tuning when i change back to stock air-box. Dyno result? hehe gonna keep it as a secret but i am very happy with the result and response :D


By the way, for those who want to dyno, can visit my panel workshop at MAG AUTO GARAGE, # 76, JALAN TPS 4, SENAWANG BUSINESS PARK, 70450, SEREMBAN, NEGERI SEMBILAN (06-6770002)