Friday, May 30, 2014

Engine Rebuild. Work In Progress: Part 2

Hi guys.

The overhauling project is almost done. Below are some of the pictures that i managed to capture and share with you readers!

When i went to the garage, the engine is already inside the engine bay... as you can see above.

bring me back to life!!! :P 

And yeah. Upgrade my fuel pump to aftermarket fuel pump from Walbro. Why? because it is time to change my stock fuel pump with a better one. Other than that, the Walbro fuel pump has a higher flow rate than my current pump. It is capable of providing additional fuel to the injectors when necessary, preventing fuel under-run.

Walbro 255 lph in-tank fuel pump.....

Since my valve cover looks soooo bad (as you can see from the first two pictures above).. i asked my mechanic to help me to respray back the rocker cover. I really love the wrinkle effect which can be seen in most of Honda Vtec valve cover, so i search on the internet and i managed to get the spray can that i was looking for. 

Gox7 Winkle Blue color + Gox7 Primer/Undercoat. 

Stay tuned for more!!!


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