Friday, September 23, 2011

Race-Tech Smooth Shift

Hi guys!

I have a problem.. which is,  everytime i shift between gear (especially on high rpm) , i always miss shift. This is bad!  ... so i searched through forums and articles of what can i do to have a better feeling when i change between gears. This are what i found.: change to a better shift bushing linkage kit and short/quick shifter.

Luckily in Malaysia, i can get it easyily since Race-Tech Produce this linkage bushing which is called Race-Tech Smooth Shift. So i guess why not?

the packaging....

The Race-TECH Smooth Shift is made out of top quality aluminum with Aeronautics quality T-6061 and CNC to the finest available clearance to eliminate excessive free play on the gear lever linkage.


another one installed !

Result? YES! It does do wonders! Better feeling during gear changes! Smooth shift and feel solid too. Recommended for those who are facing miss-shift problem ... like me :P The price is affordable. MYR110. Maybe next i will upgrade to short shifter... when i have the budget :P 


Monday, September 5, 2011

NGK performance plug wires

Hi guys,
Just a quick update.. I just changed my plug cables to a performance one. I chose NGK Hyper Plug Cable R09. Pictures below :) 


 i just love blue :P

someone can translate? haha 

blue da be di da be da :) 

Benefits/Advantages of performance plug cables/wires : 

  • Excellent noise suppression
  • NGK cables provide highly effective interference suppression over the entire frequency spectrum of all AM, FM, and CB car radios.
  • Outstanding durability
  • Resistance values of NGK cables remain constant over a very long service life, giving your engine consistent electrical performance.
  • Superior firing and fuel saving
  • With 1/2 the resistance of normal cables, NGK cables have superb conductivity for outstanding firing and fuel efficiency.
  • Resistance to extreme cold
  • Cold weather is no probelm with NGK cables. They maintain functional stability down to a temperature of -58°F (-50°C).
  • Perfect fit for your car
  • NGK cables are custom-designed to fit perfectly. There are no "universal" sets. Each set is made expressly for each model car.
p/s: Happy Eid ul Fitri :)