Friday, September 23, 2011

Race-Tech Smooth Shift

Hi guys!

I have a problem.. which is,  everytime i shift between gear (especially on high rpm) , i always miss shift. This is bad!  ... so i searched through forums and articles of what can i do to have a better feeling when i change between gears. This are what i found.: change to a better shift bushing linkage kit and short/quick shifter.

Luckily in Malaysia, i can get it easyily since Race-Tech Produce this linkage bushing which is called Race-Tech Smooth Shift. So i guess why not?

the packaging....

The Race-TECH Smooth Shift is made out of top quality aluminum with Aeronautics quality T-6061 and CNC to the finest available clearance to eliminate excessive free play on the gear lever linkage.


another one installed !

Result? YES! It does do wonders! Better feeling during gear changes! Smooth shift and feel solid too. Recommended for those who are facing miss-shift problem ... like me :P The price is affordable. MYR110. Maybe next i will upgrade to short shifter... when i have the budget :P 



  1. what u really meant by miss shift?my gear lever felt really loose,..haha,but dunno if i got sme this product gonna solve my problem?
    n can u giv me sum blog,webste to find replacement&aftermarket or even used product for our car(satria)?

  2. yup. this product will help you to make your gear lever feel much better (solid) .. other than that you can buy symborski shifter set. it will help.