Monday, September 5, 2011

NGK performance plug wires

Hi guys,
Just a quick update.. I just changed my plug cables to a performance one. I chose NGK Hyper Plug Cable R09. Pictures below :) 


 i just love blue :P

someone can translate? haha 

blue da be di da be da :) 

Benefits/Advantages of performance plug cables/wires : 

  • Excellent noise suppression
  • NGK cables provide highly effective interference suppression over the entire frequency spectrum of all AM, FM, and CB car radios.
  • Outstanding durability
  • Resistance values of NGK cables remain constant over a very long service life, giving your engine consistent electrical performance.
  • Superior firing and fuel saving
  • With 1/2 the resistance of normal cables, NGK cables have superb conductivity for outstanding firing and fuel efficiency.
  • Resistance to extreme cold
  • Cold weather is no probelm with NGK cables. They maintain functional stability down to a temperature of -58°F (-50°C).
  • Perfect fit for your car
  • NGK cables are custom-designed to fit perfectly. There are no "universal" sets. Each set is made expressly for each model car.
p/s: Happy Eid ul Fitri :) 


  1. hey man loved your blog i need your help on this one i have a lancer with mivec 4g92 gen2 and just was wondering how the NGK cables works without any coil pack attached to it because my mivec takes the power from the two coil on the car and what size(if there any)will fit in gen2 i hope i didn't make this too long
    best regards

  2. hey bro! thx for the compliments :)

    btw, if i'm not mistaken, the 2nd gen mivec use coil on plug setup which is better than the first gen. actually i dont have any info on ngk plug cable for the 2nd gen. i think it is much better if u can send a message to ngk team.