Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cusco 'style' 4-2-1 header

Hi guys!

Yesterday, i have changed my header from R3 4-1 header to Cusco style 4-2-1 header. I decided to change the header because my R3 header cracked. I decided to change to 4-2-1 header because i want to try new setup for my mivec. The header also have better ground clearance if compared to my 4-1 header.

the downpipe.... sorry the upper part picture of the header lost.... but i think most of u guys know how the cusco 4-2-1 header look like right? :P 

turn golden in color after few hours of driving . yummy

side view.

After all, I am quite happy with the power delivery especially from low end to mid. Still don't have time to tune it on the dyno machine. Hope can get much better horsepower then last time which i already happy :P 
Sorry.. the figure i need to keep it for myself :) 



  1. hey mate! nice looking car u got...btw u used a mivec header before right? is it good coz im planning to change header for my 4g92 car..choosing between powerzone, Cusco replica or mivec header extractor...which one do u think is the best for my car? cheers!

    1. hi bro. thanks a lot for the comment. header setup depends on engine setup. by if you ask me, i would like to recommend Cusco 4-2-1. R3 4-1 also good :D I have not try Powerzone 4-2-1 but i heard lot of people give good feedback on the header.

  2. very clean engine interested in modified my wira 1.5 auto to mivec like urs but in auto transmission..can u tell me where is the half cut i can get ??

  3. thanks bro. btw you can find halfcut in most area. in selangor, the biggest halfcut shop that i managed to find is at puchong.

  4. how much the budjet to get the half cut??4g93 am i right?

  5. halfcut for complete 4g93 engine now cost a bomb. if im not mistaken around 6-7k maybe for the full halfcut. if mivec cost much more. some of the halfcut ship sell around 10k for full mivec halfcut. sorry if the price might be different because it been ages since my last visit to halfcut shop. try search in maybe can get much better and cheaper price. good luck.