Monday, July 22, 2013

HWL Fully Adjustable Suspension With Body Shift.

Hello Guys!

Good day to you. Its been a while right? by the way, i have upgraded my suspension from GAB sport suspension to HWL fully adjustable suspension (Hi/Lo & Soft/Hard + Body Shift).

The packaging..... 

unboxing.... yummyyyyyyy :P 

fully adjustable.....  


The spring rate that i choose is 6k on the front and 4k on the back. For me the spring rate is suitable for both hard driving and daily driving. After the installation, i can straight away feel the ride becomes more rigid and the driving feel is sooooooo much better. Other than that, the ride also feel a little bit bumpy since the spring rate is much higher than the stock suspension. 

I think i need to make some adjustment on rear camber ( negative camber) since i set the car lower to the ground (better center gravity which can translate to better handling). I need to do the adjustment because i'm using 8jj wheels (wide). Sometimes the tires will rub the fender during hard corner. 


Pros : better handling, freedom of adjustment to suit your handling characteristic, serviceable, can swap to higher spring rate if you want anytime, cosmetic purposes. 

Cons: a little bit bumpy since the spring rate is higher. 


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