Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bodyworks & Respray

Hi guys.

Last 2 weeks i sent my car for bodyworks. I made the decision because my car body was in bad condition especially my front lip and the roof. Apart from that, the car color was faded. So, i think it is time for me to give the car a fresh look like years ago.

I chose the same color like last time since blue is my favorite color. If you guys wondering what is this color code, well the name of the color is passion blue code A0101. Below are all the pictures of the progress.

the body condition......

a lot of bodyworks....

body check

rear view



Btw, i am very happy with the result. The car looks like new and like what i asked for. So, whats next?



  1. bro,where u paint ur car?how much it cost?

  2. i sent the car for respray at zzautodevelopment at kampung baru. you can contact them at this no 0122124319.