Tuesday, December 7, 2010

KLIMS 2010. My Shots

Hi guys.

I just went back from Kuala Lumpur International Motorsport 2010. Here are some of the pictures that i managed to take. Sorry for the lousy pictures quality :P

Perodua Bezza

the godzilla.....

proton's concept car - Tuah

this proton cost a million... Super S2000

another proton's concept car - Lekir

Proton Emas

Lotus Espirit

Hyundai's concept car

Orgasm... Chevy Camaro aka Bumblebee

the 'Batmobile' from the Darknight

this one .. i forgot the name :P

Brabus.... rich man's toy

Rolls Royce.... Phantom in da house

Lambo.... one of my fav ride

Bond 007 car

Ferrari 458 Italia... this is the first time i saw it. such a beauty.

belle in french means beautiful.....

at last! the AE-86 successor. FT-86 but hybrid model - FT HS

i wanna slap that beauty ass!

The CRZ! Awesomeeee!

the rear

Honda's new Hybrid model... The Insight

the rear looks identical to the CRZ

How it works....

the exterior

and... i got a chance to see Julie
Hoon. my fav Vj, model, actress :)

ain't she the sweetest?? Trololol

ok ok... i get it. this is the last pix of her. haha :P

I spent almost 5 hours in the exhibitions. Actually there are lot more car models in the exhibition but i could just upload some of it. Btw, I really can wait to for the next KLIMS. Yes. I had fun :)

See you guys in the next post.

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