Friday, December 10, 2010

Carbon Fiber MIVEC Plug Cover

Hi guys.

Nothing much actually. Today, the stuff which i really want for so long arrived. At last i can have a real carbon fiber plug cover for my engine.

I've measured the OEM plug cover and it weighted 400g. This carbon fiber plug cover is 100g lesser from the OEM which is 300g. Just a bit only :P but after all i'm sooo effing happy to have this stuff. Such candy to the eyes.

Still waiting for my 'other stuff' from US. i really can't wait!

Stay tuned.


  1. Hi bro. Nice carbon plug cover u got there. How bout your previous plug cover? Do u want to sell it? Actually I'm just looking for MIVEC emblem bcoz mine already lost. Anything just email me at Adios

  2. hi!
    thx bro. btw i've sold my previous cover :)

  3. bro...where did you get the carbon fiber cover...mind to share? cantik la

  4. thx bro! btw, if u r living in malaysia, call this no maxix2629121. you can buy a lot of cf stuff for satria.

  5. what's the price for the mivec plug cover bro....the no. is shop or individual?

  6. around myr300. can still negotiate for the price. btw, that contact no that i gave is not a shop no. its an individual number. he can get the cf cover for you :)

  7. Sir any idea where I can get this cover now? :D

    1. not sure right now. back then i can easily find it online