Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Month, New Shoes

Hi guys ;)
After about a year using Volk Racing Ce28 wheels, i decided to change it to other type of wheel. So, last Thursday i swapped my ce28 with Buddyclub P-1 Racing wheel. Since the rim specification is different which is 15x7jj, i can say that the car looks definitely better which compared to the previous one, 15x6.5jj. Picture below.

hmm.. maybe next i will hunt for better tires since current one cant really hold well the power on the road especially during sprint. But for now, i will let the Silverstone Kruizer do the job :)

Buddyclub Website


  1. hi do you know if chassis of satria and colt are same?
    I want buy 19mm Rear Anti-roll Bar but i don't know if this bar fit with my colt!
    If you know,help me please!
    Thank you!

  2. hi chris.
    dunno whether the chassis is the same or not. but since most of the parts from colt are exchangeable with satria, i think the rear anti roll bar should fit on your colt :)

    hope this help.

  3. ok thank you
    And you,do you have built your chassis?

  4. currently my chassis is stock standard meaning that i didn't do any modification to it such as body stitching / spot weld etc. just simple add ons such as front bar and lower arm bar :)