Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Untitled

Hi, it's been a long time since my last post. How are you readers? Btw, last 2-3 weeks, im very busy with my stuff. Currently i'm racing but not on the road.. but on the water =p I represented my institution in the Dragon Boat Race which held in Penang Island, Malaysia. Last time, it was held in Pullman Putajaya. Both of the events gave me a lot of experiences. Haha. Enough with that.

Currently there are no major upgrades on my ride. Just simple ones such as changing most of my stock rubber vacuum hoses to silicone and engine oil cover. Just to make the engine bay looks candy in the eyes. ahahah. Other than that, i wanna say thanks to those who voted in the poll. I'm still considering which header configuration that i should go for but 70% of me opt for 4-2-1.




We'll see....


  1. That 4-2-1 looks wicked bro! nice and big pipes too :-D

  2. haha. yes. the design that i look for is similar with the picture. to be exact, cusco 4-2-1 for 4g9x design.