Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dude! I Burned The Clutch!

Hi guys.
Yesterday, i burned my 4 pucks custom clutch. At first i thought the engine overheated or whatsoever but luckily after i checked the engine bay, i realized that the smokes actually came out from the gearbox. Then i knew...." i burned the damn clutch". Hmmm.. I think the money spent to build the custom clutch is not worth it at all. So, if you wanna buy custom clutch as a cheaper option, i think you better think twice because this refurbished clutch is not reliable at all. Maybe some are reliable but most of the time, it is just waiting time to be replaced =p.

So, today i bought a new Exedy ( Japan ) 3 Pucks Racing clutch. The kit comes together with the racing clutch cover which is 8.5" in size. I haven't take the picture but i promise i will post it in the next post. I'll install the clutch by tomorrow and i will give my review about the clutch.

See you guys in the next post!

more details-> EXEDY RACING


  1. ~Joeeeeeeeeeee..... OS giken joe... rm2000 used set wif 90% plate... amcam?

  2. haha. cant afford ;( .. 3 pucks is more than enough already :D

  3. oh !!!how many horsepower and torque do you have to broke your clutch?

  4. lol. not much la. maybe just the way i drive :)