Friday, May 28, 2010

NRG Quick Tilt

Greetings to all!

Nowadays, we can hear or read a lot from the newspapers , websites etc about car theft. Just like last time, my brother's car nearly get stolen at his workplace. Other than that 3 of my friend's car ; mostly souped-up Proton Satria GTi and Proton Putra, had been stolen away by the thief and 2 days ago, once again, one of my friend lost his beloved souped-up Proton Wira c99. Hmm... I think it is time for me to invest some of my money for safety.

Yesterday, I went to a performance parts store which nearby my area to look for steering quick release. At that time i was just looking for NRG quick release like what most of my friend use but then the store owner showed me the new type of quick release system which called 'Quick Tilt' and it is design and produce by NRG. Pictures below.

NRG Quick Tilt

NRG Lock

how it looks like..


safety and easy access

According to NRG, This 'Quick Tilt System' allows driver to easily get in and out of the car. This works especially well for cars equipped with racing seats since it can be a pain to get in and out from under the steering wheel. This system allows the steering wheel to tilt up in 1 motion. It also comes with a lock to secure the car when the steering wheel is up. Unlike the quick release system, you don't have to find a place to store your steering wheel, nor is there a need to take it with you.

Video on how does it looks like

for more info --> NRG Website


  1. How much you bought this bro + installation?

  2. i bought this for rm260 + installation. thx for asking =)

  3. Eh not bad man the price, I thought it was like RM400...

    Is this quick release + bosskit or its solely new type of quick release? Mind telling me the shop also? Thanks!

  4. actually, this is not quick release. it is called 'quick tilt' by nrg. if u buy this, then u have to buy the boss kit since it doesn't come with the boss kit. can go for nrg short hub or other boss kit then u can find in the market.

    btw i bought this at advan racing seremban.