Monday, May 10, 2010

New Oversized Throttle Body

Hi guys.

Sorry for not updating this blog because I'm quite busy nowadays. Still remember about my project which is to hybrid the Honda's intake to Mitsu's engine? Well, yeah. The intake is now finished. The only problem is i haven't install it in the engine yet =p. Last week and this week, I'm very busy with my schedule and other than that, i hold my plan to install the intake because I'm waiting for my new oversized throttle body. Just received it yesterday after a week of waiting. I chose to buy new billet throttle body from Super90. The size varies from 65 mm to 80 mm. If I'm not mistaken, 100 mm also available but i think i need to check back from their website. Well for my setup, 70 mm is more than enough. Bigger than that, it is overkill for 4g93. Btw, pictures below.

I planned to install it together with the Honda's intake since it will be much more cost effective =p. Doesn't have to pay twice for workmanship =D. So what's the use of the oversized throttle body? Well, from others experience, and from the info that i collected from the net, it can improve throttle response, gives better acceleration and more high end output. But please bare in mind that bigger is not necessarily better. It depends on the engine specification too. For those running on big overlapped cams/turbocharged or supercharged, this will be a supporting modification to help the engine sucks more air into the combustion chamber for better power. Just a simple explanation from what i know. Maybe you can have a better idea if you search more info bout the pros and cons of the oversized throttle body from the net.

Till then see u in the next post!



  1. selamat menikmati "penjimatan" terbaru on yr fuel milage. wahahaha =P

  2. hahahha .... more air will definitely need more fuel. soo .. no more penjimatan! lolx

  3. Great stuff there! Unline last time, nowadays plenty of after market parts for 4G93 :)

  4. thx bro. yups correct. there's a lot parts for 93 nowadays! thx to the previous modification scene!

  5. where are you find this trottle body?
    please give my a website!
    And it's trottle body for 4G93???
    thank you

  6. here is the website :D

  7. thank you but for colt what's reference(car model?)?
    Lancer 1-3?
    Lancer 4-6?

  8. i'm sorry. cant really understand what u meant. but anyway, i'm using the s90 tb for mitsubishi evo 1,2 and 3. hope this help. tq.

  9. u using how many MM of s90 TB !??