Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Intake & Throttle Body Setup

Just took the car yesterday and as promised, here are some of the picture of the new setup.

As you can see from the picture, the coil pack is now on the rocker cover. At first i didn't like it but after hours later, i think i can live with it =p. Well, enough for the cosmetic =p. Lets talk about the engine improvements. So far after test drive, i can really say that the engine pull harder, better and lighter at all rpm and it becomes sweeter after the rpm meter past 4500 rpm till redline! This is absolutely better than my previous setup ( 4g93T intake + 60 mm throttle body). No kidding! I'm so happy with it and the money i've spent after-all is worth it! Thumbs up! So once again, my mission accomplished. Wait for another project guys!



  1. Great work you've done there! May I know upon installing Super TB and new manifold, how much leaner does the A/F?

  2. thx bro! actually i didn't check the A/F yet. i think it might be leaner than before. i'll check the A/F after i install my 'another' part soon =D

  3. tq bro. all the best for your vios turbo stage 2. :D ... cant wait to see how it performs!

  4. looking good bro!!! yes you must get the car dynoed for adjusting the AF accordingly. You should be running much leaner now and cud be in risk of running the engine too hot. Anyways, its a good sign if u run lean as you know that the engine is flowing more air and hence will make more power!

  5. hehe. thx sifu mugil. really appreciate your comment here. will adjust the A/F as soon as i get the other stuff installed. thx again!