Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Is this thing can yield some horsepower? some said yes but some said it it just for cosmetics. As for me when i change my muffler from s-flow type to straight flow (free flow) type, i can feel a lot of improvements. Btw when i make a research from the net, i found a dyno graph which can be a proof for my statement =)
*credit to Heri for the dyno graph!

The dyno graph is taken from a new friend of mine from Brunei.
Name: Heri
Car: Toyota Vios ( 2008 )
Engine: 1 Nz-FE

Well, I don't know whether is there any increment (horsepower) for my engine since i haven't dyno my car =p but all i can say that ( from butt dyno =p ) straight flow exhaust is really a good upgrade for MANUAL car. If you are driving car with AUTO transmission, s-flow type is the best for you since you really need to keep some back-pressure.

just my 2 cents.


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