Sunday, June 7, 2009

Do you think they will stop?

Watch posted video below and you will know how it feels especially if you were them. My heart aches. Do you?

Pfftt .. Thank god in my country the cops doesn't practice this kind of method to teach the street racers . lolx.
Btw, from my opinion, i really think that this is not the correct way to teach them. Don't get me wrong readers . I'm not supporting illegal race but i just think that this method is not appropriate and it will just make the racers hold grudge towards the cops and the state government and for sure in the future, they will commit the same crimes or mistakes.

From this post , I really hope that all the street racers out there put an end to this negative acts since it will just bring more negative than positive effects . If you really wanna race then go find a suitable place such as circuit or join any legal motorsport events. There, you can let go all your desires for speed without bring any harm to other peoples around you.


p/s: they can crush my car ... but not my memories