Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Stig Is Actually Michael Schumacher ?

I'm very shocked when i heard about the news of 'The Stig is revealed as Micheal Shumacher' in the first episode of Top Gear Season 13. Last time (early this year), the professional driver , Ben Collins was regarded as the most likely the man behind the racing helmet. I still think that The Stig identity is still unclear and maybe it was just a stunt from Top Gear?

The real Stig? too good to be true huh =p

By the way congrats to Micheal Schumacher who is currently The Stig for breaking the records of Top Gear's power lap times with the Ferrari FXX ( Racing version of Enzo & generate 860 hp). I really love the car BUT, eventhough it cost million of pounds , none of the 30 peoples who bought one have ever take delivery , meaning you buy this car and Ferrari will keep it at the factory =p. By the way they will take the car at the race track and let you ( who bought it ) borrow your own car for the day and then after that they will take it away again . That's funny =p

Ferrari FXX

p/s: Top Gear Season 13 first episode. Pls watch it. Nice episode.


  1. dah macam darth vader nak pakai topi keledar plak aku nengok...

  2. actually, he is not the stig..gimmick jer..
    plus, the black FXX is his own...Ferrari bagi je kat dier...

  3. yups. i do think so too =)

    maybe it's just a gimmick from Top Gear.