Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cam Timing

Hi guys!

Nowadays, there's a lot of engine freakazoid equip their engine with adjustable camshaft pulley. They get the pulley and then send them for installation and set the pulley. From my experience, i can see that a lot of workshop set the camshaft pulley without using the right tool which is 'the cam timing kit' tools. As for me, i think that the method are not really accurate and they (mechanics) can't fully utilize the tuning power of the pulley. I didn't say that the setting without the tools is not good but it can be dangerous if set it wrongly and furthermore I'm very shock and angry if they charge us the same price like they are using the cam timing tools for setting. WTF?

The camshaft Timing Tools

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Kit includes camshaft & crankshaft positioning tool, camshaft holding tool, secondary chain tensioner tool etc. Other than that we also need a degree wheel/ dial gauge or whatever you call it =p

The Degree Wheel of fortune?

We need to attach it to the crankshaft snout. With this we can identify the TDC or 'top dead center' and then the tuning process can begin. The next step is err? hmm. I think the real mechanic can help me to elaborate for you =p. I can just give you the rough idea of it =p. lolx.

The Camshaft Timing

I hope for those who wanna get your camshaft pulley tuned, better go for this method to avoid any misalignment, resulting in piston to valve damage! But if you still insist and don't wanna use this kind of method then find trusted and really good mechanic to get your pulley set.

That's all folks!

p/s: i will get my cam timing done with this method. for sure!

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