Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Overhaulin' Part 4

It is been almost a month my car in the workshop. But nevermind. No need to rush things out. The most important things for me now is they manage to finish the overhauling project nicely without any problem in the future. Actually this process takes longer time to finish because there are some parts that need adjustments and modifications before it can fit nicely inside the engine block for example piston valve pocket , conrod etc. Other than that, they need to send the parts ( crankshaft, piston, conrod etc ) to the machine shop and wait for the parts to finish modify.

By the way, these are some of the parts/jobs that already finish:
  1. Crankshaft lightening
  2. Modify vtec b16a conrod
  3. Polish vtec b16a piston
  4. Modify piston valve pocket
  5. Flywheel Lightening
  6. Custom full-race 4 pucks spring-less clutch
  7. Polish cylinder block


Now , all i need to wait are to send the engine for full balancing and then assemble all the parts to the engine=) Actually, I'm quite eager to see what the outcomes gonna be =) ... Other than that I'm thinking how much money that i already invested for this project. Hmmm. QUITE A LOT!! ... hahaha... seriously XD

p/s: money, where are thou?


  1. gilak ah...
    hasil pengiklanan abg ko,
    aku ketemu site ini,

  2. haha. thnx for dropping by bro!!
    balik malaysia nanti kita racing!

  3. zaman bile tah aku last drive..
    cemano nk race..
    race tamiya buleh kot..