Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ECU Upgrades

Soon after the modifications, i went for ECU upgrade. After i have consulted the ECU guru , Mr. Rezal ( RT-1 ) i decided to go for it since it can fully utilize all the modification and to avoid engine damage in the future (because of air fuel ratio mixture massed up from camshaft upgrade).

They ( Racetune garage & Rt-1 tuner ) did all the tuning with Innovate Wide-band to check the air fuel ratio and then custom a new chip to my ECU with features such as:

1) Increase RPM cut to 8300 Rpm cut.
2) Remove 180 km/h speed cut
3) Addition of chip and holder to ECU circuit board
4) Fuel table remap
5) Ignition table remap
6) Launch control
7) Full throttle shifting

p/s: wohoo! a lot of features! and I'm amazed with result!


  1. hy RT-1 where i can find this?
    he work with worlwide?

  2. erm i dont know about that. i'm no longer using this ecu. im using other ecu. piggyback such as greddy emanage will be much better and it is easier to get worldwide.