Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Radiator Upgrade


This year I'm going to upgrade my engine to the next level. But before that i need to prepare some of the item first. One of it is radiator. My current radiator is made from copper and it is damn heavy =p. Since my next project i will make my engine high in compression and increase my ignition timing i made up my mind to buy fully aluminum radiator. Wow. It is lighter and beauty in the eyes =). It can also dissipate heat better!

I bought Honda Ek9 full aluminum 2 layers radiator. It is not plug and play. Need to modify a bit and i also change the fan to Honda Ek9 too.

The Radiator

Ek9 radiator + Ek9 radiator fan



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  1. i would like to buy somw to my wira,how much cost