Monday, May 25, 2009

Adjustable Fuel Regulator

Another modification to my engine. This is Adjustable fuel regulator. This is the second unit of regulator that i have. Last time i used Arospeed adjustable fuel regulator but the regulator doesn't last long. So i made a decision to choose another adjustable fuel regulator. For me this upgrade is a must to a engine which already modified but for stock engine the increment is hardly noticeable. By the way, it is still a worth upgrade for stock though ; who knows, in the future you might need it as a complement of your current/next modifications =)

I bought Works Engineering Type-2 adjustable fuel regulator. The size is bigger than my Arospeed and this regulator can support up to 1000hp =p. More than enough for NA right? With this fuel pressure regulator , it allows me to precisely adjust overall fuel mixture ratios and increase pressure for better atomization. A gauge on the regulator makes adjustment easy. 100% better than my Arospeed. By the way, It has 5 YEARS WARRANTY!

click pix for better view

This is definitely better than my previous one. Good upgrade!



  1. if im not mistaken, my mechanic set it approx 4-5 bar. actually it depends on the engine setting. meaning different engine setup, different the fuel regulator pressure. best is to do wideband tuning using innovate to check the air fuel ration. hope this help