Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lighten Crank Pulley

Hi guys. This is some of the modifications that i've done to my engine which is lighten crank pulley. At first i don't really think that this thing can do wonder but No! this is a very good upgrade for engine. It makes the engine feel lighter and rev climbs faster than before until you reach the redline. Seriously no joke!

By the if you are thinking what is crank pulley, it is the main pulley on the end of the crank (duh) that drives the accessories -- alternator, water pump, and air conditioning compressor =)

p/s: mine is lightened and undersized crank pulley .. absolutely lighter than oem. Damn fast response!


  1. Morning bro.. Just wanna ask few question. This setup, lighten crank pulley, did u still use with ur mivec head. Some mechanic told not to use this part bcoz it will damage your crankshaft. If u really want to use it, u need to balance ur engine/crankshaft to cater the new setup/load for using this lighten CP. Pls enlighten me bout this..

  2. yups. i'm still using it. btw i already did the balancing. i did it when i overhauled my engine block.