Thursday, May 21, 2009

JUN camshaft for 4g93

Hi guys.

Nowadays, there's a lot of after-market camshaft that we can choose for 4g93 such as Matspeed , Powerzone , Kelford Camtech and RPW. And I'm quite shock to see that JUN also produce high performance camshaft for this engine. At first I thought JUN only produce camshaft for 4g92 MIVEC. Hmm , I think it is weird. I didn't see any link at JUN website about this product. Since I'm quite skeptical with the product and wanna know whether the camshaft is originally produce by JUN or is it just made in Chow-kit road, I made an effort to write to JUN Auto Mechanic Company , and soon after that they replied me back. Here's the email.

click pix for better view

So , I think for those who wanna buy this type of camshaft to upgrade it, don't worry since they already stated that they DO produce 4g93 high performance camshaft especially for Malaysia market. A good news isn't it?

This are the specs that JUN produce :

  • For 4g93 Turbo : 272 degree , 10.8mm lift on intake and exhaust
  • For 4g93 NA : 272 , 288 , 304 and 11mm lift on intake and exhaust
The choice is your.
Now i really feel like wanna upgrade from matspeed to JUN high-cam but the question now is,

money where are thou ?


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