Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Camshaft Upgrade

This is the the best modification so far. A set of a new regrinded camshaft. The company which regrind the camshaft is Matspeed. It's very well known in Malaysia. Matspeed can custom all the the specs of camshaft that suit you. They have variety of duration for 4g93 which are 264, 272, 288, 292 and if I'm not mistaken they also have 300 degree of duration cam.

Since i wanna tune my car both for daily use and super hero during weekends track day/ saturday nite, =p ,so i've made up my mind to go for 272 degree on the intake and 272 degree on the exhaust. Wow... this is the spec for me! Really satisfied with the power increments!
The sound that it makes imitate the boxer engine. You get the idea =)

p/s: brub .. brub .. brub

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