Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Overhaulin' Finale

Hi guys.

After a long wait , my car finished overhauling. The engine started up last sunday and thank god there was no problem or what so ever. Today ( tuesday ) my mechanic sent my car for camshaft timing with dial gauge to properly set my piston TDC and valve opening and closing. Other than that they weld my air-conditioning condenser since there's some leaking at the condenser. They also change my left and right engine mounting to solid mitsubishi evolution because my current mounting worn out , badly =p

I also test drive it and then hand it back to my mechanic since i would like them to re-fiber my broken bumper. But all i can say after the test drive is that my car is totally different than before. The engine respond is instant, the engine sound is meaner, the clutch is stiffer and gripper, and the car vibrate like hell because of the evo's engine mounts =P but nevermind ; already get used to this kind of vibration, because i'm using high duration camshaft so vibration all over =p . Can ask much right? If u wanna drive fast then you have to sacrifice comfort. Equivalent exchange!

Maybe tomorrow ( hopefully ) i will take the car and take care good car of it for about 1000km or maybe more ? LOL. Engine running-in period. Then will start whacking it again =p

need sleep. kthxbye =)


  1. 2000km cukup...ehehe mana le tahan lama2...

  2. hehe .. bahaya2. syg bangat sama ini enjin.