Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Engine Balancing

A lot of my friends ask me what is engine balancing and why we must do it. Eventhough my ass is damn lazy to get off from the bed but at last i managed to write something about the topic=p .Hahaha. Btw, i really hope that in today's post, i can share something that i know and from research that i made, you the readers will get some idea about it.

FYI, Engine balancing is important especially when we wanna build performance engines for the street, strip or circle track because this can ensure the engine smoothness, durability and maximum horsepower. It is also verrrryyy important in high revving engine since the force of any imbalance multiplies with speed. FYI, as u read my earlier post , i'm in progress to build a high revving 4g93 engine =)

In my overhaulin' project, i asked my mechanic to lighten some of the weight from the crankshaft. After lightening the crank, the crankshaft is of course out of balance and the uneven distribution of weight can generate centripetal forces that shake the engine with increasing intensity as engine rpm goes up.The greater the imbalance and the further it is from the center of the crankshaft, the more the engine shakes and hammers the main bearings and crank. Over time, this can lead to metal fatigue and cracks that may cause the bearings to fail or the crank to break. So in order to prevent this , i asked my mechanics to send the crank for balancing.

Other than that i also asked my mechanics to sent all of the parts such as pistons, connecting rods, racing clutch cover etc. The weights may be fairly even. Even so, it’s always a good idea to check the weights, and to equalize the weights as needed. After that all the weights of the reciprocating parts after measured ( piston , rods etc) , then have to be balanced to the counterweights on the crankshaft.

That's all guys. I hope it can give you some of the idea of "engine balancing". So for those who thinking to upgrade such as lightweight crankshaft or oversized pistons to prepare some of your budget for engine balancing. I know that some might think that this is not really necessary but can you take your 5 minutes of time and try to imagine this ; What happen if you dont balance your rims after you change to new tires? It will vibrate like hell right? So do the engine =)



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  2. hi revving engine tue.. takut2..ehehe

  3. thx jason .. i will be very happy to share my knowledge and do hope that i can learn more =)

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  4. how much the cost for all item part about engine balancing? and where?

  5. balancing cost about MYR700. parts not included.