Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Improve Handling


If you think that car is made of metal and not subject to flex, you are totally wrong. Actually as you twist the car during touges and track etc , it will flex and this is not good! So in today's post, i wanna share with you another example to improve car handling.

Other than good tires, rims, suspension and also your skill =p we can also fit "Strut Braces" to the car to improve handling. Example of strut braces :
  1. Front and rear strut bar
  2. Rear anti roll bar
  3. Side bar
  4. Front lower arm bar
  5. Room bar
  6. Fender bar
As for me, i already equipped my car with front and also rear strut bar. It help during hard corner and keep me in balance during spirited driving. In the future i might as well upgrade my car handling by fitting all of this bar to the car chassis! haha!

my front strut bar. sorry i don't have pix of my rear strut bar =(

There a lot of brand to choose from such as Cusco,Tien,UltraRacing etc. Choose whatever suit you and your budget.


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