Monday, June 8, 2009

Ken Block. The Gymkhana Guru!

After the success of his first Gymkhana practise video and after a series of teasers, Ken Block has released Gymkhana 2: The Informercial. The driving is up to par with the original but this time has more to do with his DC Shoes brand and features a variety of different shoes and apparels under the DC brand. The car is awesome, and it is a great video and it will keep you on your toes with a lot of shocking moments. Enjoy the vids!

Gymkhana 1

Gymkhana 2 : The Informercial

How cool is that? Isn't he amazing?

p/s: kakoyee! imprezza FTW!


  1. smart seh..
    orgasmic, hahaha...

  2. stylo giler....tempat yang dipilih pun semacam gak la...

  3. waaa... dulu aku suka tgk utube ken block.. eehehe.. nice giler...

  4. btol bro ... mmg slaloo ader drift kt sana.