Friday, June 5, 2009

Iphone .. more than just a phone!

Who said Iphone is a rock? haha. I'm quite shock when i discovered an application that can be used in Iphone to estimate the engine horsepower. Amazing! The application is called "Dynolicious". Ths application uses the Iphone's built in accelerometer to measure:
  • 0-100km/h acceleration
  • Quarter mile elapsed time
  • Lateral G's
  • Braking G's
  • Wheel horsepower ( estimated )
  • Engine horsepower ( estimated )

FYI, The application has been track-tested at major dragstrip against regulation timing equipment and has demonstrated accuracy comparable to standalone performance meters which cost hundred of dollars =p

Price : $12.99 ( RM 46 +/-)
Requirements : Compatible with Iphone and Ipod Touch ( OS 2.2 or later )

p/s: btw , u still need the Iphone to use this app =p


  1. yah... i admit iphone = rock! XD

    but jokes aside, how is this thing interface with the car? usb? and where do we port the device? straight to the ecu?

  2. rashid,
    selain Iphone , bole pkai Ipod touch. other than that, software ni ader version lain for other typr of phone for example blackberry tp nama software tu lupa plak. haha.

    no harness needed. just put it into for exmaple a cradle or cupholder and you are ready to go. actually it uses the Iphone's buit in "accelerometer" to measure.. How cool is that? Iphone's has a lot of sensors u know =p. btw it is not a rock/stone. hehe

  3. wow.... kena pinjam iphone qaliff... leh ukur 0-100 our car johan..ekeke

  4. tu la psal. kne pinjam qaliff ni!

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  6. orite bro. will do! btw thx for dropping by!

  7. cunz,