Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Overhaulin' Part 4

It is been almost a month my car in the workshop. But nevermind. No need to rush things out. The most important things for me now is they manage to finish the overhauling project nicely without any problem in the future. Actually this process takes longer time to finish because there are some parts that need adjustments and modifications before it can fit nicely inside the engine block for example piston valve pocket , conrod etc. Other than that, they need to send the parts ( crankshaft, piston, conrod etc ) to the machine shop and wait for the parts to finish modify.

By the way, these are some of the parts/jobs that already finish:
  1. Crankshaft lightening
  2. Modify vtec b16a conrod
  3. Polish vtec b16a piston
  4. Modify piston valve pocket
  5. Flywheel Lightening
  6. Custom full-race 4 pucks spring-less clutch
  7. Polish cylinder block


Now , all i need to wait are to send the engine for full balancing and then assemble all the parts to the engine=) Actually, I'm quite eager to see what the outcomes gonna be =) ... Other than that I'm thinking how much money that i already invested for this project. Hmmm. QUITE A LOT!! ... hahaha... seriously XD

p/s: money, where are thou?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Adjustable Fuel Regulator

Another modification to my engine. This is Adjustable fuel regulator. This is the second unit of regulator that i have. Last time i used Arospeed adjustable fuel regulator but the regulator doesn't last long. So i made a decision to choose another adjustable fuel regulator. For me this upgrade is a must to a engine which already modified but for stock engine the increment is hardly noticeable. By the way, it is still a worth upgrade for stock though ; who knows, in the future you might need it as a complement of your current/next modifications =)

I bought Works Engineering Type-2 adjustable fuel regulator. The size is bigger than my Arospeed and this regulator can support up to 1000hp =p. More than enough for NA right? With this fuel pressure regulator , it allows me to precisely adjust overall fuel mixture ratios and increase pressure for better atomization. A gauge on the regulator makes adjustment easy. 100% better than my Arospeed. By the way, It has 5 YEARS WARRANTY!

click pix for better view

This is definitely better than my previous one. Good upgrade!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cyberjaya MUSC Drag Challenge 2009

ATTENTION to the all dragster in Malaysia!
They will be a drag battle which is organize by MUSC motorsport on May 30th & 31st 2009. It will be held at Persiaran Selatan , Cyberjaya. I really hope that MH Tuners , Kamal Motor and Avantech will join this event. Looking forward to see all of them and their drag machine ; fight for the title of " Dragstar".

click pix for more details

To other contestants, please prepare your drag machines. You might be the one to grab the title of dragstar. All the best!


p/s: SAY NO to illegal race!

Friday, May 22, 2009

How fast is your 100km/h to 0km/h ?

Mostly people will ask " hey , what's you 0-100 km/h huh? " but i think they forgot something; which is SAFETY. So other than modify my engine to perform for 0-100 km/h , i also upgraded my brake system.

It's taken from Mitsubishi Evo III and it is twin pot brakes system. It's a good upgrade actually since i want to keep the balance , power and safety when i drive my car. Other than that i upgraded my suspension to GAB sport suspension =) . But if you don't mind of driving comfort and really like to tackle corner, it is better to change your standard suspension to fully adjustable for more spirited driving pleasure. Variety of brand in the market. Pick one that suit you.


Sepang 1000km Endurance Race

Sepang International Circuit is introducing its second endurance race which is "Sepang 1000km". The race time is of course shorther than Merdeka Mellenium Endurance Race (MME) but it is still challenging.

A maximum 77 cars will be allowed to start the race ; 38 from Class 1 ( 1650cc - 1900cc ) & 39 from Class 2 ( up to 1600cc ). With the minimum of 2 driver and maximum of 4 for each car, the winner will be decided by the total no of laps they manage to finish. More importantly , now everybody can participate. Entering fees for Class 1 is RM 2000 and Class 2 is RM 1500. For late entries, they will be addition of RM1000 =p. Only tires declared by the organizer (Achilles) can be use in this race.


Class 1
  • Champion RM 30 000 & trophy
  • Second RM 20 000 & trophy
  • Third RM 10 000 & trophy
Class 2
  • Champion RM 25 000 & trophy
  • Second RM 15 000 & trophy
  • Third RM8 000 & trophy

p/s: i will be at the race , as the spectator =p

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Living Legend

Keiichi Tsuchiya.He's one of my favorite professional racing car driver. He's known as the Drift king or Dorikin for his nontraditional use of drifting in non-drifting race events and his role to popularizing drifting as motorsport. Other than that, he is also known for his ability in mountain pass or touge. Damn. How i wish to meet him in person!

with his kick-ass AE86 aka Hachiroku.

Other than that i also salute his mate who is also in motorsport arena. Manabu Orido. Begin his career as a street racer and then progress to touge racing. Currently he competes in Super GT series for Toyota Team Tsuchiya.

cool huh?

A video of them. Battling with each other.

p/s:What is power without control?

JUN camshaft for 4g93

Hi guys.

Nowadays, there's a lot of after-market camshaft that we can choose for 4g93 such as Matspeed , Powerzone , Kelford Camtech and RPW. And I'm quite shock to see that JUN also produce high performance camshaft for this engine. At first I thought JUN only produce camshaft for 4g92 MIVEC. Hmm , I think it is weird. I didn't see any link at JUN website about this product. Since I'm quite skeptical with the product and wanna know whether the camshaft is originally produce by JUN or is it just made in Chow-kit road, I made an effort to write to JUN Auto Mechanic Company , and soon after that they replied me back. Here's the email.

click pix for better view

So , I think for those who wanna buy this type of camshaft to upgrade it, don't worry since they already stated that they DO produce 4g93 high performance camshaft especially for Malaysia market. A good news isn't it?

This are the specs that JUN produce :

  • For 4g93 Turbo : 272 degree , 10.8mm lift on intake and exhaust
  • For 4g93 NA : 272 , 288 , 304 and 11mm lift on intake and exhaust
The choice is your.
Now i really feel like wanna upgrade from matspeed to JUN high-cam but the question now is,

money where are thou ?


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Overhaulin' Part 3

Nothing much on the progress of the engine. My car is still in the workshop. Last week my mechanics sent my crankshaft for lightening and modified conrod big-end at the machine shop. And last 2 days, they finally got the parts that they sent a week ago. Sorry I cant upload any picture for the process since i was not there at that time. Will post it if i got the pictures from my mechanics.

Btw , i sent my rocker cover for re-spray. Last time, My rocker cover was in light blue color but now it is in metallic blue. Photo after the jump.

B16a rebuild

This video is very informative. Maybe some of you is quite new in engine rebuilding ( same goes to me ). So i post this video in order to give you some of the idea. Trust me. It is worth watching.


Overhaulin' Part 2

Hi guys,

Since my car is still in the workshop , i took some part and do DIY to my GSR intake. I sprayed the intake manifold to flat black. All you need are sand paper , bottle of spray can , dryer , and yes a lot of patience =p.

p/s: hehe . nice right?

When beauty ...

I think i don't mind if this chicks service my car. ha ha ha.

Owh man. They are soooo adorable =p

p/s: rite guys?



Wish me luck!

p/s: hehe. aja aja fightin'!

Overhaulin' Part 1

Overhauling huh ? this project consume a lot of money. Seriously but heck, in the need of speed i have to trade something to achieve something in return. This is what we call equivalent trade. haha. Scroll down for more info.

List of project in overhaulin'

1) Overhaul the whole engine
2) Full Engine Balancing
3) Crankshaft Lightening
4) Upgrade some parts

btw, this are some parts that i already bought ( pix above )

  • Overhaul kits
  • Necessary seals on head and block
  • Honda b16 p30 piston and rings
  • Honda b16 conrod
  • ACL bearings
  • Full Racing 4 pucks spring-less clutch
I would like to call it project frankenstein since this project mix some parts taken from honda such as conrod and piston. It is not plug and play. Need to do some of the modification at the big-end of honda conrod to fix in the 4g93 crankshaft. Hope everything will go as smooth as planned.

New Project

Hi guys!

Already plan to overhaul my whole engine , upgrade some parts and fully overhaul my engine. I will update this blog later with parts that i already bought and progress of it.

Stay tune readers.

My ride on Youtube

Please enjoy the video. Home made video. LOL

p/s: viva all motor machine!

Radiator Upgrade


This year I'm going to upgrade my engine to the next level. But before that i need to prepare some of the item first. One of it is radiator. My current radiator is made from copper and it is damn heavy =p. Since my next project i will make my engine high in compression and increase my ignition timing i made up my mind to buy fully aluminum radiator. Wow. It is lighter and beauty in the eyes =). It can also dissipate heat better!

I bought Honda Ek9 full aluminum 2 layers radiator. It is not plug and play. Need to modify a bit and i also change the fan to Honda Ek9 too.

The Radiator

Ek9 radiator + Ek9 radiator fan



Exhaust System Setup


I've change my exhaust setup for about hmmm .. i can't recall. A LOT!
This is because i want to make an experiment on which setup the best and now i can say that tuned length header + straight piping from front to back + straight flow muffler is the best for my engine setup. Freaking good pickup but the sound is damn loud!
Can't enjoy listening to the radio =p

Btw , this is my exhaust system setup , currently :
  • 2.3 inch piping follow original route
  • Hotbits 4-2-1 Header
  • J's Racing Circuit muffler ( replica )

p/s: i think JpJ is looking for me =p

Some stuffs =)

A ricer to be?

Some stuffs for my ride. Haha. Transparent timing belt cover and Momo Italy sport steering. Horsepower increase = None.

ha ha ha .. bling factor only!

ECU Upgrades

Soon after the modifications, i went for ECU upgrade. After i have consulted the ECU guru , Mr. Rezal ( RT-1 ) i decided to go for it since it can fully utilize all the modification and to avoid engine damage in the future (because of air fuel ratio mixture massed up from camshaft upgrade).

They ( Racetune garage & Rt-1 tuner ) did all the tuning with Innovate Wide-band to check the air fuel ratio and then custom a new chip to my ECU with features such as:

1) Increase RPM cut to 8300 Rpm cut.
2) Remove 180 km/h speed cut
3) Addition of chip and holder to ECU circuit board
4) Fuel table remap
5) Ignition table remap
6) Launch control
7) Full throttle shifting

p/s: wohoo! a lot of features! and I'm amazed with result!

Camshaft Upgrade

This is the the best modification so far. A set of a new regrinded camshaft. The company which regrind the camshaft is Matspeed. It's very well known in Malaysia. Matspeed can custom all the the specs of camshaft that suit you. They have variety of duration for 4g93 which are 264, 272, 288, 292 and if I'm not mistaken they also have 300 degree of duration cam.

Since i wanna tune my car both for daily use and super hero during weekends track day/ saturday nite, =p ,so i've made up my mind to go for 272 degree on the intake and 272 degree on the exhaust. Wow... this is the spec for me! Really satisfied with the power increments!
The sound that it makes imitate the boxer engine. You get the idea =)

p/s: brub .. brub .. brub

Intake and Throttle Body


Got myself a GSR turbo intake and 60mm Throttle body taken from Eterna 6A12 engine.
The reason why i change to GSR intake because of its runner, It is shorter than the 4g93 intake. The port size is bigger too so it will suit my ported and polished engine head. Seriously i can feel the improvements from this upgrade. Great throttle response!!

Already bored the intake mouth to 60mm to match the throttle body. Need to do this because we wont feel any improvements from the oversized throttle body if we don't port match it.

p/s: aiyo. bankrupt.

Adjustable Camshaft Pulley


Another upgrade to my engine. I can say that It is a must for those who want to upgrade to high performance camshaft. With this pulley, we can set whether to advance or retard the camshaft timing to suit our desire specifications and it will also determine how the engine behave.

There are a lot of brands that we can choose from such as Arospeed , Works Engineering , Redline and etc. Price from RM 3++. Price may vary.

p/s: and forget to add .. the bling-bling factor =p

Head Job

Hi guys!

Another upgrade to my engine head. PORT & POLISH

Picture of my engine head. It is already port & polish on the intake and exhaust. Why port & polish? Well , it will gives better air flow to the engine head and increase engine power and throttle response. A very good upgrade for those who want to upgrade to high performance camshaft. I will cover high cam upgrade next time. Stay tune!


Project CAI


Another modification to my car which is cold air intake ( CAI ). Cold air intake is a device use to bring lower temperature air into the engine's intake. It can increase engine power and efficiency. It can give better throttle response to the engine.

Last time I use Apex'i open pod intake system but then I revert back to use standard air box system and without any filter in it. Haha. Might sound crazy right? more like kamikaze modification. As a conclusion, I can say that standard air box system + CAI can perform better than open pod in our climate. If still wanna use open pod , make it properly. Open pod + CAI + heat shield. Then that will be OK!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lighten Crank Pulley

Hi guys. This is some of the modifications that i've done to my engine which is lighten crank pulley. At first i don't really think that this thing can do wonder but No! this is a very good upgrade for engine. It makes the engine feel lighter and rev climbs faster than before until you reach the redline. Seriously no joke!

By the if you are thinking what is crank pulley, it is the main pulley on the end of the crank (duh) that drives the accessories -- alternator, water pump, and air conditioning compressor =)

p/s: mine is lightened and undersized crank pulley .. absolutely lighter than oem. Damn fast response!

Hey you! import punk!

Haha. This video which made by Pixar animation studio really funny. You guys should watch it! 100% satisfaction guaranteed =p .

p/s: lets dorifto!

Blue Shinkansen

This is my car. Proton Satria Gli UK specs. Powered by all motor 4g93 1.8L engine taken from Mitsubishi. Actually this is the third engine for this car =p. I wont tell you why but you can guess it right? That's the equivalent trade that i have to face as a car freak/maniac who enjoy revving the engine like no one else business =). LOL.

I will post some the modifications to the engine next time.

This engine can scream up to 8200 RPM!

p/s: will build it until it can reach 10000 RPM ... high revving engine!


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