Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Shoes

Hi guys.

There's not much update on my ride except changing the worn out parts such as clutch pump and speed sensor. Other than that, i changed my old and heavy rim to something which are more appropriate to my liking and my car concept ; 15" Volk Racing CE28. Picture below:

Really like the rim design eventhough not as beautiful like my previous 16" rim. Btw, this rim is lighter than the previous one. It will give me an advantage during sprint/drag and also better fuel consumption =p What i need now is to change the tires to better tires. Maybe advan neova? toyo proxes? or just parada spec2 =).

stay tuned.


  1. yang 18" ade x..?
    yg rupe dah ala2 tayar sotong tu bape inchi aa?

  2. egegege .. 18" yg sotong tu xbole pkai .. hehe ... tu remp-it punyer =p

  3. haha..
    tau le yg sotong tu rempit nyer..
    kete nyer pling besau bape inch..?

  4. i read all your post, can see you really build your car up step by step. nice~!

  5. thx bro. really appreciate it. do drop here sometimes. mods never end!